How To Use An App To Protect Your Cell Phone?

Today’s technology lets us do everything on the go with the help of our cell phones. We can check our email, shop, do online banking, and many more things, as long as we have a good model phone and decent service. However, with all of the convenience comes the risk of getting hacked, especially when people will do anything these days to connect to some Wi-Fi. Before, a stolen phone meant losing your contacts. Now, a stolen or hacked phone can be a nightmare, that brings along identity theft and false charges. The good news is that you can take certain steps to safeguard your phone from threats with a simple Antivirus App, such as AVG Antivirus. Here is a bit more about how AVG protects your phone and secures your personal information:

app protecting cell phone

What is AVG? Our cell phones are like mini-computers, and as such, are subject to spyware and other nasty threats. The AVG Antivirus app protects your phone, much like computer anti-virus software, and can also help you lock and track your phone if it is taken. AVG has a fruitful track record of producing adequate cyber security products for desktops, but now they have expanded their product line and are servicing a whole new market or smartphone users.

Who can use AVG? If you have an Android mobile device or tablet, you can download the free antivirus app to make certain that you are sheltered from any hazards and outside threats. Once downloaded, the app will constantly guard your phone from unwanted threats by doing a thorough virus scan. The App rubs silently in the background so that it is always looking out for fishy activity. The Android security app is great for phones, but it will also work on tablets and other Android mobile devices.

Next Steps: Once you have downloaded the App, you can take further steps to protect your phone by setting passwords and activating the camera feature. If your phone is stolen, you will be able to track the device and even wipe your data remotely to keep your personal information from falling into unwanted hands. There is even a feature that will render the phone obsolete if someone tries to remove your SIM card. If you utilize the App to its fullest potential, a hacker or thief will think twice before trying to mess with you. In the circumstances someone does steal your phone, the app offers a feature that will snap shot a picture of the person discreetly after trying to unlock your phone three times.

In today’s society, our phone is one of our most important possessions, and one of the largest reservoirs of our private information. Taking some time to make certain that your phone is protected will save you from potential identity theft problems in the future- and may even help you keep your phone from being stolen. Download AVG Antivirus and make use of the free 30-day trial !

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