What’s the Best Solution for Ransomware Attacks?

What’s the Best Solution for Ransomware Attacks?


We are living in a time when not a week passes without an incident of a ransomware attack affecting one person or another making headlines. In fact, new ransomware viruses are emerging to the surface rather frequently, and even extending to IoT systems to push the need for a better smart home network security

If you have a good understanding of online security and use advanced solutions like comprehensive firewall protection, then you should be able to keep most kinds of cyber-attacks, including ransomware at bay. Good practices for the same include network monitoring, keeping software and operating systems up to date, etc. However, despite your best attempts, you can’t be 100% sure as ransomware are quite tricky. They can fool even the most complex anti-virus systems, and in fact stay hidden for days before finally infecting your systems (usually when they are the most vulnerable). 

The Gravity of Ransomware 

The seriousness of ransomware attacks is indicated by the fact that now even the government entities are vulnerable to them. For instance, some time back, the Springfield City Hall was attacked by a ransomware virus that encrypted all their files. The attackers demanded a ransom of $1,000 in exchange for the decryption key that could allow the officials to unlock the files. However, instead of paying the ransom the city leaders decided to wipe their servers clean and restored the data through the last backup file. 

In another incident the city of Durham was also attacked by a ransomware. Fortunately, like Springfield City they also had backup files, and thus instead of paying the demanded ransom they wiped the computers and installed the files using the backup. 

These two examples discussed above make it clear how ransomware attackers are blatantly challenging organizations and attempting to sabotage the system. Of course, even individuals aren’t safe and ransomware attackers can also infect their computers/laptops and demand ransoms. 


Ransomware attacks for frauds are becoming more and more common lately. The following are the main challenges faced by people today:

  • Lack of Experience: Handling ransomware isn’t as simple as dealing with a typical virus. Only experts know what’s the best solution for a situation. Unfortunately, most people lack this kind of experience or even have the awareness on the ways to improve cyber security.
  • Lack of Awareness: Most people aren’t trained to handle situations involving ransomware attacks. In fact, it isn’t surprising for victims to pay the demanded ransom in fear post a ransomware attack. However, there is no telling if the attackers will hold their side of bargain even after being complied with. The program RanScam is a good example for this.
  • Financial Concerns: Data protection can be quite expensive these days, especially if you need protection for multiple devices. Many people don’t have that kind of budget. This is why it’s best to invest in affordable security products from companies like from companies like Bitdefender in the first place as they are far cheaper than an average ransom amount.

Additional Measures

There is no perfect solution for dealing with ransomware attacks. However, you can combine strong antivirus programs with online backup services that store your data to offsite servers which are protected from cyber-attacks. This way, even if a ransomware attacks you, they you can recover the data from the offsite image. Bitdefender is now offering a free 90-day trial of its top product as part of their Work from Home campaign to assist individuals working from home during the coronavirus lockdown. Check it out if you’re in need of beefed up protection!  

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