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WhatsApp calling feature now available in Android

WhatsApp Calling feature is now available in Android devices. So with this ends the speculations on the same. There were so many hoaxes, spams that went viral in the internet. Many users were falling prey of the security threat in lure of getting the calling feature. All you need to do is update the Android app of WhatsApp from Google PlayStore. If you have auto update enabled, then the application will update automatically and you need not take any hassle to enable WhatsApp calling.

WhatsApp calling feature now available in Android

Once the app is updated, you will find three tabs instead of two. The Call tab will appear. You can make a new call by tapping the plus sign. With each contact, there will be a call option. You will be able to make a call to a friend only if his/her phone supports this feature. The voice quality is really good provided you have a fast internet. Voice clarity is a good property of WhatsApp calling and it doesn’t modulate the voice like that of other voice calling Apps. The limit of a single call is also large. We made a call and it did not disconnect until we decided to disconnect it after 3 hours. So the feature is awesome only if internet is not a constraint to you.

As of now, only Android is providing WhatsApp Calling in several countries. The feature is unavailable in many countries though because of local regulations. Yesterday WhatsApp announced that the feature will roll out of iPhones very soon within several weeks. Other platforms like Windows, Blackberry, Symbian have no news of getting this feature any time soon.

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  1. its a great features added by whatsapp. Now it will be more easy to stay connected with friends. your information was very helpful thanks for sharing.

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