11 Winter Wonderlands Around the World

Frost, ice and snow sometimes create real wonders and can arrange a fabulous landscape literally out of the blue. And whether you love or hate winter, there is a certain type of beauty found within the colder time of the year. Apart from cold temperatures winter also brings on a whole new level of sightseeing and outdoor activities.

To prove that, we have decided to add on to articles by collecting a list of top 11 winter destinations around the world that will make you appreciate the colder months and maybe inspire your next winter vacation plans.

French Alps

For stunning, wintry landscapes, tourists can head to the French Alps, which are part of the Western Alps. The mountains in France are subdivided into the Southern and Northern Alps, with Mont Blanc being the highest point and the main attraction. The Northern French Alps are incredibly beautiful in the cold season! There you can see glaciers, coniferous forests, alpine and subalpine meadows covered with snow.

Santa Claus Village in Lapland

It is incredibly beautiful in winter in the village of Santa Claus, which is located on the mysterious Arctic Circle in Lapland. The world famous amusement park is located in the north of Finland, at a distance of 7 kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi. The village is considered the residence of Santa Claus and is one of the most visited tourist destinations every winter. The entrance to the village is free. A visit to Santa’s Residence is a truly fabulous experience! From the beginning of December till the end of March, the Snowman World is open in the village, where you can visit an ice bar, stay overnight in a snow room, or experience a sledding ride.

Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland

In the “Land of Ice” the winter fairy tale never ends. Sparkling and crystal, milky white and terribly cold ice inspire a chilling feeling of fear and delight. Glaciers are one of the most spectacular winter wonders that can be seen even in summer. The most amazing and beautiful of them is Vatnajökull – the largest glacier in Iceland. It is also famous for its ice caves that are located right above hot springs heated by active volcanoes. That is also one of the special destinations that travel bloggers love due to the beautiful pictures that come out there.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Enclosed in ice and swept by snow, the deepest lake on the planet looks fantastic. If you want to see the cornflower-blue layer of ice and magical Baikal bubbles in all its glory, go to Listvyanka at the end of winter. At this time, there is usually more sun, and everything sparkles as if it was made of rock crystal.


There is hardly a place that can offer more stunning sights than the world’s most southern continent. Although almost all of Antarctica is covered with ice, its landscapes are still amazingly diverse: beautiful glaciers, active volcanoes, and 360-degree views of untouched snow. Besides, emperor penguins or whales that tourists may encounter there also add to the view.

New York, USA

Wrapped in a blanket of snow, Central Park in Manhattan is becoming one of the most beautiful places in New York. The leaves are fallen, revealing a view of the city, and the skyscrapers seem to encircle the most famous park in the world even closer. In winter, one should come there to watch the crowd circling on the skating rink, go to the zoo or just walk along the snow-covered alleys and feed the ducks.

Furka Pass and Versoix Commune in Switzerland

The mountain serpentine on the Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps is glorious at any time of the year. But once every few years, you may be lucky enough to witness another stunning sight in winter Switzerland. Wind, water and frost in one night can turn the embankment of Lake Geneva into the real possession of the Snow Queen. In the morning, cars and boats, trees and lamp posts, benches and railings – the entire embankment turns into a giant park of bizarre ice sculptures.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam canals are beautiful at any time of the year. But in winter, when snow lies on the roofs of houses and barges, on trees and lampposts along the embankment, they acquire a special charm. At this time, the whole city turns into one big fabulous scenery: as if a Disney fairy waved a wand and you were transported into some kind of cartoon.

Mountain Triglav in Slovenia

The main postcard view of Slovenia is the highest point of the Julian Alps. In winter, this Slovenian landscape includes the transparent frosty air, a high chapel, the blue sky reflected in the lake surface, and in the alpine peaks under snow caps in the background.

Harbin, China

The world’s premier ice sculpture festival takes place in China in January – February. Since the end of the last century, thousands of workers have been building a gigantic fairytale city of ice and snow in Harbin every year.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is close to many Austrian ski resorts and a trip here is a great way to diversify your active vacation. On winter evenings, when the windows glow with yellow lights, and the roofs of the old city are covered with snow, it seems as if Salzburg is all made of gingerbread.

Quebec, Canada

As long as you don’t mind very cold temperatures and the abundance of snow, this province of Canada is just for you. Besides enjoying the amazing winter views, you can also enjoy ice hotels, skiing, snow tubing, and dog sledding.

Which winter wonderland would you choose?

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