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4 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts


If simply regularly posting fresh and interesting content on Instagram was enough to make sure your content gets into feeds life would be so much easier, but unfortunately that’s not how things work. These days Instagram includes items chosen because they are considered to be of value to others. Basically, that means anything which has attracted likes and comments, especially from your followers, will then appear more often on other people’s pages. Comments are better than likes because they take more effort from the person interacting with a post.

So if you want to get the most out of Instagram you really need to work on attracting those important comments. Stuck for ideas on how to do that? Take a look at these four great tips on how to get those comments rolling in thick and fast.

1. Post at the best times to have new content seen
Do some research to figure out what time zone your most reliable (for posting) followers are in, and what times they are usually online, then pick the days and times which best match. Or you can keep track of when you usually get peak engagement rates and stick with them.

2. Offer something for nothing
Few people can resist taking part in a giveaway, some kind of competition, but if you don’t have anything to use as prizes, (which is likely if you are not running a business page), then a simple game which encourages participation will work too. Do make sure to word whatever you chose so you naturally encourage comments or this will be a pointless exercise. If you want to get fancy you could run a multi-day campaign so the ultimate winner has left several comments.

3. Add a couple of posts which are likely to attract attention
Of course, you don’t want to stray miles from your typical postings, or post anything which will cause offence or damage your brand. Go for something that gets people talking, something which is topical and funny, a little shocking, or bound to touch people’s hearts. Studies show that posts eliciting feelings of surprise, curiosity, uncertainty, anticipation or joy are the most likely to attract serious and ongoing attention. Now you know why all those cute cat videos go viral online!

4. Ask people to leave a comment
It may sound obvious, but simply asking for what you want can work, so long as you phrase it right and don’t do it too often. A clever way to make this happen is to ask for suggestions, advice or opinions on something.

Now you have four great ideas to work with don’t forget the everyday things you can do which will keep comments coming in – things like responding to things people say. If you are pushed for time at least reply to those asking questions, and check in every few comments to give a general response.
It’s not for everyone but you can also purchase comments as well. Of course this comes with some risk so you will need to familiarise yourself with them and understand how to balance them. To learn more check out  https://www.socialmediadaily.com/instagram/comments.

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