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5 Benefits of Using a VPN and Why You Should Use One


Before I get into the details of why you need a VPN, perhaps it’s best to start with a brief explanation of what a VPN is. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks were initially created as a means to allow businesses to communicate in a secure manner between sites. Prior to VPNs companies had to pay for point to point connectivity between sites which could often be hundreds of miles apart. While this was private, it was also very expensive. 

With the advent of VPNs however, companies have been able to use different security protocols to ensure that their information is being sent in a secure manner over the public internet. VPNs provide a lot of advantages to individuals as well as businesses. We’re going to share 5 of the biggest benefits you will receive by using a VPN, Checkout  for additional information on VPNs.

Remote Access to Information and Content 

While initially VPNs were configured to allow businesses to communicate from office to office, the technology has become available to the workforce also. Today VPN clients are available for any laptop or desktop computer. This lets employees access their corporate network and all the tools and files they are used to and need for their work. Having this capability available increases a company’s productivity and provides the employee with greater flexibility.

Online Anonymity & Security

A VPN hides your online identity. With a VPN in place, users do not have to worry that their activities are being monitored or tracked. This can be critical when browsing the internet through a public WIFI service. Public WIFI networks have little to no security in place and accessing information about people using these networks is simple with the right tools. Norton indicated that in 2015 close to 594 million people around the world were impacted by and fell victim to cybercrime. That number is only increasing. With a VPN in place, all information is secure and private behind an encrypted tunnel letting you browse the internet safely and securely.

Helping You Bypass Internet Throttling

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are a necessary evil as they provide us with a means of accessing the internet. Sadly, ISPs are in business to make money and the more data you use, the more they pay. Bloomberg published an article in 2018 where they demonstrated that many US telecom companies are intentionally slowing down internet speeds for their users. Sadly this practice is not restricted to the US alone. Many ISPs use something called a “fair use policy” to restrict access for those users they deem are overusing their connections. This means that when you stream too much video through sites like Netflix and YouTube you can expect to sometimes receive slower speeds than what you have paid for. However, a VPN hides your online activities from everyone, including your ISP. They will not know that you’re trying to stream video and you’re much less likely to have your speeds impacted.

Bypassing Geographic Restrictions on Content

It’s not uncommon to receive an error message when trying to view certain video files online. Often this is due to the rights holders’ only specifying access for a certain region or locale. You see this often with Netflix for example where based on the country you are in, the programs available to you change. Other providers are the same and you also notice it when using YouTube. However, this censorship is not restricted purely to video. Many countries restrict access to specific websites like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and others. In other countries, the internet is blocked with only specific government-sanctioned sites and information shared. With a VPN, however it is possible to bypass some of these restrictions. 

Savings on Online Shopping

You’ve probably experienced this yourself where you search for a flight or hotel booking online and get a price that seems like a deal. That is, of course, until you compare your price with what your friend in another country received for the exact same booking. Flight and hotel booking sites and travel agencies also frequently manipulate ticket prices to maximize their profit. This often means that the same or similar package booked from two different locations will be wildly different. Luckily, with a VPN you can take advantage of this pricing discrepancy. Simply log into a VPN server in a different country with a lower cost of living and use a local online booking site for the best deal possible.


VPNs provide many distinct advantages that make their purchase and use almost mandatory. If you’re at all worried about security or privacy you know that a VPN is a must, but you might not have also realized that the small upfront cost of a VPN can be far outweighed by the potential savings available through their use.

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