5 Tips on How to Optimize Your Online Experience

If you have ever found yourself crawling through the online world, slower than a snail, and facing the frustration and digital depression at every turn, there is a good chance that your browsing experience is far from optimized.

To ensure that you have a better time browsing in the future, there are more than just a few tips and tricks you can be getting on with, and here are 5 of the very best. 

  1. Utilize a Great VPN

A VPN (a virtual private network) has many more benefits than simply disguising your location online, although that can be a huge advantage, particularly when working on a public WI-FI network.

If you feel as though your page loading speeds are distressingly slow, it could be due to your internet service provider throttling your network. 

A VPN can help you get around this, hopefully boosting your browsing speed back up to normal in no time, as slow-loading pages can kill productivity and generally make the online world a miserable place to be. 

  1. Make a Saving at the Virtual Checkout

If you like to shop online or despise shopping online but need to do it anyway, you may want to download a browser extension to help you save money at the point of sale.

Honey is perhaps the most famous of these money-saving options, but there are other considerations too, such as Rakuten and Invisible Hand, so it is probably worth taking a look at what’s on offer. 

Over time, your online shopping savings will likely be substantial. Plus, there are many great rewards and bonuses that the platforms can provide.

  1. Using the Right Browser

It is possible that your browser itself is leading to a lack of optimized online activity, whether this is because it’s in dire need of an update or it simply lacks the power compared to other alternatives. 

It is worth noting that speed might mean other, more important elements are missing in some cases, and every browser offers similar, yet markedly different benefits, so you may want to look at a list for an idea of what to expect. 

Although some browsers, like Chrome, offer many tantalizing extensions and add-ons, installing too many can greatly slow down your browsing speed, sometimes even causing pages to crash completely, so overdoing it should be avoided in general. 

  1. Empty the Cache

Your browser cache is where a wealth of data is stored for later use, which builds up over time as you make your way across the digital highway. 

This data includes browser history, static assets, passwords, cookies, preferences, and much more. 

It is important to clear this cache or at least some of the elements stored in it to speed up your browser and free up space on your device. 

  1. Tab Management Software

If you are in the habit of opening ten million tabs every time you go online, you will probably benefit from some tab management software. 

This is a great way to reduce clutter in the browser, speed up loading times and navigate through the online realm with ease. 

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