5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Revenue Without More Traffic

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While most website owners constantly chase increasing traffic to boost revenue numbers, it’s possible to increase revenue even when traffic numbers remain stagnant. Here are five ways to do just that without improving traffic coming to the site.

  1. Add Pricing Tables

A pricing table is a neat way to present multiple options with several versions of a product.

For instance, there can be a starter version, an intermediate one and an expansive one that appeals to advanced users. It’s been found that by offering multiple choices even with subtle variations, that potential buyers will often upgrade from the single choice presented previously.

From a psychological standpoint, some buyers want to feel they deserve luxury and will almost always opt for the top-tier. Other buyers will go for the version with extras that only costs a few dollars more because it represents good value; this is the case even if they wouldn’t have necessarily paid for the upgrades or additions when sold separately.

By inserting a pricing table into your main product page or landing page, you’ll likely see an increase in the website’s revenue over the single product offered previously.

  1. Optimize for Mobile Users

All websites need to be optimized for mobile users. Their screen sizes are usually smaller, the text displayed on the screen is too, and images take longer to load.

When a website doesn’t look right on mobile, visitors go into reverse by returning to Google and trying to find another alternative. By ensuring your site looks and functions well on mobile devices, you can get more sales from people on the move instead of losing them altogether.

  1. Perform A-B Testing

Using A-B testing to switch between two ideas for a layout as it’s possible to see which one appeals more to visitors. Without testing different ideas for attractive layouts, it’s impossible to know if a certain design choice was, in fact, the best one.

The testing of the wording surrounding a Call-to-Action button, the colors used on the site, the layout or imagery can all make a significant difference to how a given page performs. Even an increase by a few percentage points in the conversion rate will noticeably increase top-line revenues and bottom-line profits.

It’s possible to use WordPress plugins or other functions to run multiple versions of a page, swap between them with ease and determine which is performing the best. One of the better-known conversion rate optimization (CRO) software solutions is from Optimizely.com. Their founders also penned a book about the benefits of CRO.

  1. Provide More Concise, Scannable Information

Most users on the web don’t read – they scan! They scan across and down the page rapidly to get the gist of what an article or a sales page is all about and jump to relevant sections quickly. It only takes them seconds to decide what’s relevant and what’s not.

Capturing their attention requires thinking about what they’re looking for and presenting it front and center. Information should be given in a concise manner, so include shorter paragraphs with even shorter sentences if it’s necessary to speed up the flow. This streamlined approach helps visitors feel like they’re having a snappier experience.

  1. Increase the Hosting Speed

Slow loading websites and pages cause abandonment by the visitor. Before getting a chance to sell them anything, they’re already gone. Instead, improve your web hosting to get pages to load faster.

Switch from shared hosting to a solid VPS hosting plan from a reliable provider like Siteground or Rackspace. Also, optimize the website with speed in mind. Reduce the size of images, load scripts asynchronously so text and images display first, and unclutter the site.

Approach the website fresh to see what can be improved from top to bottom. By being diligent in your focus, it’s possible to provide a better experience for the visitor which leads to more sales conversions too.

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