6 Best Ways to Promote an Upcoming Trade Show

For those who do not know, trade shows are major industry events where companies and brands come together to promote their services and products. 

A trade show can have a huge influence on businesses participating and attending. Because of this, you need to promote your trade show to ensure you gain a lot of participants.

One of the best ways to promote your upcoming trade show is to incorporate social media. This will help you greatly improve the number of prospects and leads you to obtain throughout. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to promote your upcoming trade shows.

Push Out a Press Release in Advance

Professional publicists know how to create publicity for their events. Old-fashioned public relations strategies, such as pitching reporters and publishing press releases, are often just what you require to get the word out about your trade show. 

If you’re the one organizing the trade show, your objective is to obtain publicity for your event as much as possible. 

Before the trade show, make sure you publish a press release. It should announce the speaker lineup, location, date, and other important details.

This is an ideal approach to start momentum for your event and encourage early bird ticket registrations. 

To help sponsors and exhibitors gather media coverage for participating in your trade show, make sure you provide them a list of media to contact. 

This will help sponsors and exhibitors book media interviews with on-site reporters. This will help them accumulate publicity for their business. 

In addition to that, you should reserve an area that is far from the noisy showroom floor where reporters can perform private meetings. It’s preferable to use a trade show truss display for these rooms to maximize promotion and add an aesthetic vibe to your offerings.

Have an Effective Direct Mailing

One of the most successful marketing activities you can consider is direct mail. The reason for this is that you can directly reach your target audience. While it can be a bit expensive upfront, you can guarantee that your target gets your message. 

Since email and social media inboxes are getting overloaded with digital information, direct mail provides a way to reach your audience without being lost among millions of emails, updates, and tweets.

6 Best Ways to Promote an Upcoming Trade Show

One of the important things you have to keep in mind is that our own lives are the most important. This is one thing every person can agree on. 

Because of that, you should try to generate a sense of uniqueness that your audience cannot miss. 

Why should they attend your trade show? Make sure you provide a tangible and good reason for them to come. Focus on the benefits they’ll get if they attend your trade show. 

Create an Event-Specific Landing Page

You can use a tool such as Leadpages or do this on your website. First, you will have to create a one-page website or landing page. 

It should include quick facts about your brand along with a sign-up form to get more details. 

Aside from making it easy for individuals who are interested in your trade show, it is also a simple way to share a landing page on your social media pages and have a quick URL for individuals who stop by your booth. 

Once you give them the URL, they will use their mobile device and sign up for your email list immediately. 

Tease a Launch

Most of the time, brands will announce a new service or product launch at a trade show. If you’re planning to do the same on your brand, you should consider creating social media content, photos, and videos that will tease the new service or product offering before the trade show. 

6 Best Ways to Promote an Upcoming Trade Show

Next, you can utilize your social media pages to countdown and announce your launch as well. 

In addition to that, create email signups via social media and a list at your trade show booth. It’s always better to have double the leads. You can also create DIY frames and banners to promote your trade show physically.

Take Out at Least a Single Print Ad

You should not solely focus on reaching your target audience online. You should try to reach people who are not using social media as well.

Even people who utilize social media may not see your tweets or updates because of the high traffic nature of social media. 

Because of this, print ads still provide an excellent way to reach a particular target market in a neat and clean method. 

Keep in mind that there is a chance for you to acquire free space in a lot of forms of publications. All you’ve got to do is to ask. It’s also wise to make it a requirement for visitors to wear face masks, as this shows you promote cleanliness and hygiene especially in this time of the pandemic.

Utilize The Event Hashtag

Nowadays, almost every trade show has a hashtag that surrounds it. Then, participants and attendees can utilize the hashtag when sharing content on social media. 

Aside from being an excellent promotion for the trade show, it is also the ideal method to let your audience understand that you are participating. It will also help your audience know where to find you.

6 Best Ways to Promote an Upcoming Trade Show

Before the event occurs, you should start following the event hashtag. It’s preferable to follow it 2 to 4 weeks before the date. 

You should utilize the hashtag whenever you’re posting content about how you are thrilled to participate or attend the event. You can also utilize the hashtag across the event so other attendees can see your content easily. 


Keep in mind that promoting does not end when your trade show is done. Just because the event is over does not mean you’ve got to stop promoting it. 

You can utilize all the tips mentioned above to recap the event and thank everyone for attending your trade show.

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