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Audubon points out a United States sans birds by 2080

Audubon has reported their findings which reflect a grave future for birds in the United States. Owing to the severe weather conditions and human interference the lives of birds are at peril. Audubon is the US conservation society that focuses on conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. Audubon presented a map showing the fate of bird species. According to them, by 2080 most of the migratory birds will vanish from the United States and many native birds will be forced to leave the country. This is not at all just a statistics but an indication of a major threat towards life.

Audubon points out a United States sans birds by 2080

America’s Mallard ducks which have been a victim of hunters and poachers will reduce to only 25 percent of their current population in summer. Besides these, American bald eagle will diminish by 75 percent. Global warming is becoming predominant every instant and as Audubon says, “As global temperatures rise, as weather patterns shift, as vital bird habitats dwindle and disappear, familiar and beloved species will leave for more suitable locales or die out completely. According to our data, the Common Loon will likely abandon Minnesota. The Bobolink, a grassland bird, will find itself marooned in the boreal forest zone of Canada. Some birds are projected to lose all of the places where the climate is suitable for breeding habitat—and, by inference, go extinct—a fate shared by the Baird’s Sparrow and the Chestnut-collared Longspur, the Eastern Whip-poor-will and the Lesser Prairie-Chicken. ”

The prominent reasons chalked out are all human indulgence varying from man made pollution, to global warming to heartless slaughter of birds. But still there is a ray of hope as their findings suggests some “strongholds” that will provide some safe harbors against climate change. But that will not be enough. “It’s time for us to act”.
Source: Audubon


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