Best Privacy-Oriented Gmail Alternatives In 2021

Gmail is the most widely used email service today, but it is definitely not the best one. Especially when we talk about privacy, it is much better to choose another email service. Gmail even analyzes your personal conversations for certain keywords in order to offer you targeted advertising.

If you care about the privacy of your personal information and do not want to be attacked by spammers, or even hackers, you should use the Gmail alternative. Some of them are:

1. ProtonMail. ProtonMail is the most secure email service available to stop spam and protect your mailbox, including anonymous mail and end-to-end encryption. This is an open source service where you may register for a free account. If you require additional storage capacity for files or contacts, you may upgrade to one of the premium accounts (Plus, Professional, or Visionary). ProtonMail also includes a mobile phone app that allows you to check your mail at any time and from any location.

2. Zoho Mail. Zoho is a fantastic email solution for both individuals and companies that combines a simple, ad-free interface with strong capabilities. In both free and premium versions, Zoho provides consumers with dependable email hosting without intrusive advertising. There is a 20 MB attachment restriction and only one domain may be hosted. Standard, Pro, and Enterprise are the three types of paid plans, and Enterprise has more features than others. Zoho is compatible with all mobile devices and supports IMAP and POP.

3. Tutanota. This email service is a comparable service to ProtonMail. Your contacts, email subject lines, emails, and attachments are all secured using end-to-end encryption. Tutanota is a free and open source project. You may upgrade to the premium edition for a reasonable price if you require a corporate email service. You may access your mailbox from any computer or mobile device using any browser. The interface of this service is simple and user-friendly.

Remember that sometimes it is not enough to rely on email service providers only for protecting your mailbox. If you are getting a lot of spam messages, it is recommended to use tools and apps to check email validity before you open the messages and click a harmful link.

4. Yandex Mail. Yandex has become another fantastic alternative to Gmail because of its outstanding interface and versatile application. Users have unlimited storage space, and the service supports POP and IMAP email protocols, allowing you to install the program on your mobile device. This service is free, and it uses SSL/TLS encryption methods to connect to it. It includes its own set of hotkeys to make working with it easier, and you can also set the service to send some mails later. You may send emails with attachments up to 30 MB in size. It also comes with its own document viewer, which allows you to access a document right away.

Regardless of which email service you will choose, it would be very useful to try an email organizer, like Clean Email, that will make the work with emails incredibly fast and easy. If you’ve always found email filters to be overly complicated, you’ll be happy to learn that Clean Email includes highly accessible automation features that allow you to apply any action to new emails arriving in your inbox with a single click. Clean Email doesn’t need to read the content of your emails to do its work, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.