An unconventional torrent website with versatility An unconventional torrent website with versatility An unconventional torrent website with versatility

If you download movies, games from the internet without paying for it, then torrent is not an unknown thing to you. But there are some new users who are perhaps not accustomed with torrents. Torrent is a computer file which contains information about the folders like network location, internal files and other metadata that you intent to download. Since our internet has a fixed download bandwidth, downloading huge movies is not an easy task. Besides, if the movie is at a particular location and many users try to access it, the congestion in the bandwidth also increases manifold times. The role of a torrent is to divide the file into small pieces which are technically also known as “pieces”. Besides this, the network is decentralized into peers which makes it easier to download huge files without traffic in the network. So there lies the importance of torrents. Now that you know about torrents, let me tell you about Bitport. An unconventional torrent website with versatility

Generally torrent websites are flooded with a copious numbers of movies and video games most of which are copyright protected. This means downloading a movie through torrent is actually compelling you to infringe copyrights. BitTorrent, uTorrent are two of the popular torrent application that support torrent files. But is quite different from these two. Let’s have a sneek peak at the salient features of Bitport.

1. You have to register in this site and login every time you want to watch a movie or download it.

2. If you are not willing to download a movie, you can stream it online and watch it.

3. lets you download the movies in your Bitport cloud storage rather than downloading them in your computer. This is an immensely useful feature as you can watch the media downloaded anytime anywhere without carrying any physical storage media.

4. The website has both free and paid subscription facility. The premium subscription will leverage your security with its SSL certificate protection. Support of Bitcoins is a cherry on the cake altogether.

5. There are four ways in which you can enjoy Bitport based on the subscription you pay. The price will differ the amount of cloud which will be conferred to your account as well as the security and download speed. The following screenshot will clarify all sorts of queries. An unconventional torrent website with versatility

Bitport says that in case any company raises objection regarding copyright, they will immediately remove contents. But as most of the streaming and downloading is accomplished privately, such scenario has not yet arose.


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