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How Can You Recover Deleted Files From Your Computer?

EaseUS Data Recovery

It has happened to almost everyone who has owned a computer, important files have somehow managed to be deleted from your computer. People have sometimes lost precious family photos, important work documents, and emails they wanted to keep. Whether this data has been lost through you accidentally hitting the delete button, due to damage to your hard drive, a virus attack or through some other means you desperately want to get those files or that data back.

There was a time when the simplest and most direct way of recovering those lost files was to hire a computer “expert” and pay him big bucks to recover those files, but now you can recover that deleted data yourself by downloading and using a free data recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to retrieve those missing file for you.

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery WizardFree

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is extremely easy to use by following these few simple steps.

Download this free file recovery software to your computer the lost data was on. You can find the download here: www.EaseUS.com (Once on the site click on data recovery and then chose EaseUS Data Recovery free from the drop down menu.)

Once the program is downloaded launch the program as an administrator to bring up the menu choices.

Select the name of the hardware where the files were on before it was lost.

Once you have selected the hardware name select scan. ( There will be a wait while the free data recovery software scans and finds all the delete software on that hard drive.

One the scan has finished review all the data/files and choose only those you want to recover.

Save those files to your computer’s hard drive.

That’s all there is to it, although there are a couple of additional tips that can help you recover that deleted data.

Additional Tips That Will Make Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free More Effective

Remember that all deleted data can be recovered unless it is written over so, try and recover your missing data as soon as you realize it has been deleted. The sooner you recover your missing data the better the chances are that you will recover the entire file.

Don’t download any new data or files to your computer until after you have recovered those deleted files.

With this free recovery software you can recover data and files from your desktop computer, laptop, digital camera, SSD, USB, Memory card and more. So why pay a so called “expert” to recovery that deleted data for you, when you can do it yourself simply and easily and free of charge?

EaseUS Data Recovery Free is dedicated to helping you preserve those family photos, important documents and other data by helping you recover any data that has been deleted accidentally through various means. It a fast and user friendly to recover that lost data that may have otherwise been gone forever. Isn’t that worth checking out?

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