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Blueberries can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have special fervor for blueberries, then you get one more reason to have them. Along with the several medicinal qualities, one more benefit that has been added is the reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A research group at the University of Cincinnati under the guidance of Dr. Robert Krikorian has found out that the anthocyanins that are main components of blueberries help in maintaining the neuro-cognitive behavior thus preventing you from nervous degradation.

Blueberries can reduce your risk of Alzheimer s Disease

Blueberries get their blue color from Anthocyanins and the rich vibrant blue color implies the rich presence of Anthocyanins. Some of the known qualities of blueberries are the great source of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants that prevent aging in human being and many more. One single serving of blueberries meet 25% of your daily Vit C requirements along with additional heart-healthy fiber and manganese, important to bone health. The unknown fact that blueberries can prevent the neurodegenerative disorder is definitely worth mentioning.

Nowadays Alzheimer’s Disease is known to many of us. Its’s a special type of dimentia that causes forgetfulness, loss of memory in patients. Situation, if worsen, can make the patients forget frivolous thing like eating, identification of objects, own name, family members etc. Alzheimer’s patients die because their breathing stops. Statistics say that 5.3 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This new innovation, if applied in medical science can bring revolutionary improvement in patients.

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