Pi Day: Celebrating the interesting mystic rational number
Pi Day: Celebrating the interesting mystic rational number

Pi Day: Celebrating the interesting mystic irrational number

March 14, as the date says 3.14 is the value of the most mysterious and interesting irrational number Pi. On 14th March every year, the world celebrates the Pi day. Pi is defined as the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter which values to 3.14 approximately. The most intriguing feature of the number is that this particular ratio of circumference and diameter is true for any circle, whether a small ring, a glass rim or the circumference of a planet, the ratio is same. Even though the value of Pi is approximated to be 3.14, but it’s actually a never ending number.

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Exploratorium in San Francisco first celebrated the Pi Day for the first time in 1988 by eating pie. The tradition of celebrating the unique irrational number is being carried on since then in addition with a Pi Day “shrine” and a procession.

An interesting fact about Pi that may entice you is that famous mathematician Archimedes attempted to calculate pi to an exact accuracy in 250 B.C. using two 96-sided polygons. He drew one of the polygons inside a circle and a second one drawn outside the circle. Archimedes claimed that the value of pi would lie in the range between the lengths of each polygon’s perimeter. Archimedes’s calculation were the first most accurate calculation of Pi. Since then, Pi has been analysed by different nations, different people across the world. Pi is even mentioned in the holy Bible.

It’s really amazing the Pi that we use in mathematics is a huge ocean of conundrum and is much much older than us, even older than Bible. Now you know the significance of Pi Day, the 14th of March!

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