Should You Build a Job Aggregator? Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the biggest problems in the job market today is that companies lack the skilled labor that they need to improve, and skilled laborers aren’t aware of the opportunities that they may have. This disconnect between hiring companies and workers is becoming a big problem.

Some journalists have dubbed the latest college graduates as the ‘Barista Generation,’ consisting of college-educated individuals who are stuck working in cafes and restaurants. This is where a good job aggregator can really come in handy.

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What Exactly is a Job Aggregator?

A job aggregator is essentially a web application that connects employers and potential hires to the right jobs. They allow both parties to create an account, upload information about themselves, and list some basic prerequisites, education, and more.

How do Job Aggregators Work?

Job aggregators work by allowing companies to connect with user accounts and vice versa. Users can post their resumes, quickly send them to open job listings, and apply for posts. Conversely, companies can directly contact qualified individuals and request that they apply, send a resume, or come in for an interview.

Important Features to Include

If you want to build a successful job aggregator, then you’ll need to include some of the following important features to ensure that your users have a good experience and continue to use the app and recommend it to their friends.

Secure Accounts

All users will need to have their own secure accounts. Since they’ll often include a lot of personal information such addresses, resumes, and other important details, you’ll need to make sure that your authentication process is as secure as possible by hashing passwords, using HTTPS protocol and more.

Open Job Listings

The primary purpose of your website should be to allow users to search for jobs and companies to search for employees. You will want to create two major views for these, depending on the account type (employee or company). Furthermore, you’ll want to create an in-depth system to filter results based on job type, location, salary, etc.

File Sharing

File sharing is important when you build a job aggregator. Both parties need a way to upload documents such as resumes, pictures, or other important hiring documents onto their profiles or to share them directly with others.

Communication and Chatting

You need to create a way for your users to network. Companies need a way to be able to contact potential hires with opportunities and those looking for a job may want to contact a company to ask them questions about open job listings or to request an interview time.

How to Make Money From a Job Aggregator

Of course, you don’t want to do all of that work for nothing. You should come up with a solid business plan for how to make money from your job aggregator. The easiest way to do this is to contact local companies. Tell them about your application and how much money it can save them during the hiring process, and request a small commission for each new employee that they hire.

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