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Butterfingerz: Make your phone call you out every hour so that you don’t forget about your phone

Almost every day, there is at least five times when we forget where we have kept our phone. After a lot of hazard, we find it in our kitchen, or in the joint of our couch and even in the washroom. It’s good when we can call to our number from another phone but what if it’s silent? Or switched off? Or you don’t have another phone to call? You have a savior called Butterfingerz. Butterfingerz is an application that calls you out every hour so that you can remember where you have kept the phone.


Install the application and go to Settings of Butterfingerz. The app has been made funky and attractive and the app provides audio reminder every one hour. The voice reminders come in the form of celebrity voices. Butterfingerz has been launched with the voice reminders by Norman Reedus. You can customize the app with more voices later on. The phone also alerts you with an Ouch sound if your phone drops down. The drop alert can be enforced with a specific sensitivity. Users can customize the drop sensitivity by moving the slider.

You can also set quiet hours when you don’t need the service. At night when you are sleeping with your phone beside your bed, a sudden alert every hour can freak you out. So Butterfingerz can be kept quite for those resting hours. This is not the first app that has come up with this feature. All previously launched app succumbed a lot of battery. Btterfingerz consumes optimum battery and thus is a popular choice.

Download: Butterfingerz for iOS

Download: Buttafyngas for Android

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