How To Record Screen on iOS Devices?


Every day, every hour technologies take a new face and the world keeps up with it. Obligating to this, smartphones are the most used devices which give a lot of flexibility to any kind of work. Speaking of the technologies, the need for screen recording has increased over the years and is also a

How To Use Google Live View AR Walking Directions in Google Maps?

Google has this beautiful feature called Live View AR in its Google Maps navigation application. This feature facilitates users to get a live direction instantly, while the user is walking. In the images below, you can understand what I mean by Live direction. Even though this feature is launched in Google Maps a year back,

Adobe Launched “Fresco” Digital Painting Tool App for iPads

Adobe has been working on a digital painting tool application for iPad devices more about a year. It is quite similar to Photoshop in terms of features and functionalities. Last year, the company announced about Fresco, which was code named as Project Gemini, at that point of time. A few months ago, Adobe unveiled

iOS 13: What’s New?

iOS 13 has arrived and here's the new features and updates that have made way to Apple devices. Dark mode Dark Mode is the new addition that has been made to the iOS 13. The dark mode is very simple to use and can be turned on either from the Settings or by

Apple’s iOS 13 Update Makes Eye Contact On FaceTime Better And Easier

One of the most unavoidable, yet irritating thing about video conferencing is that you never feel like you are talking to the person. We always look at the screen where the camera is not present, thus making us look to a different location, than where we actually should. But, again, it is not our

Definition And Signs Of iPhone Lock


Have you ever heard someone speaking of a Locked iPhone? If yes, you might be wondering what does lock mean, how to check if iPhone is unlocked, and what solutions you may have if it’s locked. If any of these questions is crossing your mind, you’ve come to the right

Apple Rolls Out Second Beta Of watchOS 6

Apple has recently launched the second beta version of watchOS 6, the operating system platform of its Apple Watches. Apple released the first new update of watchOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, held in the first week of June. This week, the second Beta version has rolled out. Users

What Will Apple Announce At WWDC 2019?

Apple will hold the much-coveted World Wide Developer Conference on June 3, 2019. There is already a huge excitement regarding the same. Apple fans are already wondering what Apple has kept in store for its fans. Check out the Dates and Timelines of Apple’s software programs launch. The WWDC event is mainly for developers and

MyMedia – A Great Download Manager App for iPhone

As a uniquely powerful file manager, MyMedia accomplished more than its obligated mandate. Exported files can be manipulated in numerous ways, giving you the best experience in whatever you pursue through it. With the latest updates, document viewing has never been easier. Regardless of the format, MyMedia will power through html,

Google Lens Coming To iOS Users in Coming Weeks

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Google Lens is a Photo analysis application that can retrieve information from an image and provide it to its users. The Android devices have already received the update. If you have the updated Google Photos app, then you must have discovered the Google Lens icon at the bottom. If you

How To Add New Languages To Dictionary on iOS?

As you know Apple iPhones are globally available, it is obvious that people from different countries speaking different languages use Apple devices. When you first set up your phone, you have to set a language. This language becomes your default language and this language is also your keyboard language. But