Check Out The 4 Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas to Try

4 Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas to Try

Mobile app marketing would be much simpler if acquiring a user meant that you could expect them to not only install your app, but also stick around to partake in post-install events. But earning an install doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see further engagement. According to one study, the average Android app loses 77 percent of its users within three days of installation. This illustrates the challenge mobile app marketers currently face in retaining users.

People who have installed apps disengage for a variety of reasons—from boredom to needing more storage space on their mobile devices. Some people simply forget to reopen an app as they’re going about their busy lives. For this latter group of mobile users, a helpful reminder can be just the thing they need to re-open your app and pick up where they left off. That’s where the art of retargeting works wonders.

Here are four effective retargeting ad ideas meant to drive post-install engagement amongst your user base.

Video Retargeting Ads

Trying a variety of ad formats is a good way to see what resonates with your app’s target audience. More marketers have been turning toward video ads to engage their audiences. Data seems to back up the idea that video is a powerful motivator for online users. Social Media Today cites research that “consumers are 64 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video.”

Video ads are a particularly conducive format for apps with a strong visual or gameplay element. You may have heard the phrase “show, don’t tell” before—and video is a great way to demonstrate to people what they stand to gain by reengaging with your app.

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Dynamic retargeting ads assembled programmatically based on mobile app user data, meaning the audience sees a highly personalized ad. Working with today’s retargeting platforms like Liftoff, marketers can even harness the power of deep links to send prior app users to the most relevant in-app landing page. This means users end up wherever they left off in your funnel, encouraging them to take the next step. Someone who viewed a certain jacket within an ecommerce app would see a retargeting ad showing that jacket—and tapping the ad would bring them directly to that product page.

Dynamic retargeting ads have the power to drive conversion rates upward because mobile users respond tend to respond well to relevant, targeted ads. Taking a personalized approach to reengaging your user base is a great way to boost retention for your app.  

Social Media Retargeting

Mobile users see social media as a place to connect with friends and family, keep up with their favorite brands and stay current on news. Advertisers use social media as a place to collect user data and connect with their target audience. One benefit to launching marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook is that you can factor in recency. This means you can serve different ads to different users based on the age of their last app visit and other “lifecycle triggers.”

Email Retargeting Campaigns

Email marketing stands as one of the most cost-effective ways to remind users to stay engaged with your app over time. You can send out emails to subscribers announcing exciting updates. You can also send out special offers, like free upgrades, discounts on in-app purchases and more. It’s also a great medium for soliciting ratings and reviews from your most devoted users, which can serve as a great reminder for people to think about what they like most about your app. According to some sources, spending $1 on email marketing provides a return of $40, so there’s no reason not to incorporate this tactic into your overall app marketing strategy.

Retargeting ads help marketers keep their app top of mind in a busy mobile landscape, which can drive conversion rates and user loyalty in turn.

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