Check out the Pete's Dragon AR game: Dragon Spotting
Check out the Pete's Dragon AR game: Dragon Spotting

Check out the Pete’s Dragon AR game: Dragon Spotting

Pete’s Dragon is an animated film by Disney and to promote the film, Disney has teamed up with Google and launched an Augmented reality game of the name Dragon Spotting. In this game, a dragon will be hiding behind every object of you home and you have to seek it out. The game will deploy your Phone’s camera and the dragon Elliott will be hiding in the scene. Google has rendered its Cloud Vision technology to analyze the environment.

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The Cloud vision technology is also used to “identify objects in the user’s field of vision, dubbed ‘entities,'” said product manager Ram Ramanathan and Google Zoo director Michael Yapp. The dragon will be camouflaged and hiding in any part of your vicinity, any furniture, bed, couch etc.

The game is available for both Android and iOS users. The Android version works differently from the iOs game. In the Android version, suppose the user needs to identify ‘couch,’ the website checks against a list of possible responses: chair, futon, couch, sofa. As soon as the recognized entity matches the desired object, Elliot is revealed.” iPhones do not have the facility to tap into Google’s Cloud Vision like Android devices. Hence, iPhone users need to upload pictures of objects to the mobile site to see if Elliot is hiding nearby.

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