Intel Core M Processors
Intel Core M Processors

Intel announces Core M Processors, which does not require heat fighting fan

In the recent IFA 2014 being held at Berlin, Intel has launched its Core M processors and it will be very soon that M-based convertible notebooks will be doing rounds this season. The new chips from Intel are very energy efficient, i.e., consuming only 4.5 W of power and do not require a heat fighting fan. So these can run cool enough for a long time without being heated up. Another advantage of the M chip is that, it allows to build much thinner designs.

Intel Core M processors line up

It offers a decent battery life which can run up to 8 hours of continuous video playback. And since, the fan on the device running Intel’s M chip will be absent so OEMs can build much thinner devices which will be as thin as 9 mm and also the absence of fans in them will make them silent.

Intel Core M Processors performance improvement

The Core M processors will come in two versions: 5Y10/5Y10a processors which can run up to 2.0 GHz and the other is 5Y70 which will be able to run up to 2.6 GHz. These processors are purely designed for “business 2-in-1s”.
Intel will soon announce its key partners which will ship Intel M-based convertible notebooks. Though the availability of such devices shall be limited this year, more devices powered by Intel’s latest processor is expected to arrive early next year.

Intel Core M processor die material

Source: ZDNet

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