GT80 Titan: World’s First Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

GT80 Titan

MSI becomes the first to introduce a mechanical keyboard on a gaming laptop. The laptop GT80 Titan comes with a mechanical keyboard in it. Mechanical keyboard are highly popular with gamers because of their tactile response and it being relatively quieter. MSI’s GT80 Titan comes with Cherry MX Brown key

WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

WebOS is basically a Linux kernel based operating system which was formerly an operating system for smart TVs and also a mobile operating system. Though it was developed by Palm, HP acquired it and made the platform open source and henceforth it came to be known as Open WebOS. The


Xperia Z4 To Be The Only Flagship From Sony Next Year

Xperia Z4 To Be The Only Flagship From Sony Next Year

The new leaked specifications of the new Xperia Z4 has already surfaced on the internet since the launch of its predecessor Xperia Z3. And along with it, there also is news about the company’s plan of releasing a single flagship next year onward. Sony smartphones have been launching two flagships

New Level In Encryption Annoys Law Enforcement


A better encryption level in smartphones has now made difficult for the law enforcement in retrieving data from a person's smartphone which has been password enabled. Recently the news about providing an additional security was announced by Apple and Google as well. With his news a tremor was raised among

Rotate Your SmartPhone Without Paying A License Fee

Patent troll

Another patent troll has been vanquished and it has saved us a lot of our money. For those not knowing what a Patent Troll is, well basically, it is a company which buys or acquires patents and levies on it heavy licensing fees or files lawsuits for breaching of rules.

Virtual Reality At Its Best By Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Imagine wearing a VR headset and going in an absolute virtual world; this is the experience that Oculus tries to deliver with its latest prototype of a headset. The headset is currently coded as Crescent Bay a successor to the DK2 headset. Through the Oculus Connect, the company’s inaugural developer

Blackberry Unveiled Its Porsche Design P’9983

Porsche Design P’9983

Blackberry has recently unveiled one of its highly priced Porsche Design Line up P’9983. Though the images were leaked on the internet a month ago, it has been officially announced recently. The earlier smartphones from the Porsche series were P’9981 and P’9982. This was a result of the collaboration

2100 Microsoft Employees Lose Their Job

Microsoft employees lose their job

The second wave of job cuts which was expected to take place on 18th October has took place. As a result of this, Microsoft announced the layoffs of 2100 of its employees. This reduction of resources is in accordance to a previous announcement that Microsoft had made which was to

Apple Releases iOS 8 Golden Master (GM)

iOS GM version released for public

Ahead of the launch of iOS 8 on September 17th, Apple has seeded the Golden Master (GM) version of iOS 8 to developers. The Golden Master is the final version of the operating system to be released today in public. It is already available for download on Apple's Dev site.

HTC to create GoPro type camera accessory

HTC to create GoPro type camera accessory

HTC's invitation to a 'double exposure' event kept everyone thinking if it had some relation with camera of a kind. It could possibly mean of launching a new smartphone with a large MegaPixel camera or with an improved camera. According to certain sources, HTC would like to introduce a kind

LG G Flex 2 rumors about curved Screen

LG G Flex 2 rumors about curved Screen

LG G Flex 2 is slated for release in January next year while its launch is said to take place somewhere towards this years’ end. This smartphone is supposed to have curved screen after the likes of G Flex and Galaxy Round. This LG G Flex 2 might prove to


BlackBerry to make a comeback with Blackberry Classic

BlackBerry Classic Preview

With a big time for mobile technology this season, BlackBerry too joins the run with the likes of LG, Apple, Sony, Motorola and other big names. BlackBerry is making strong efforts to bring its smartphone back into competition along with its other counterparts. The BlackBerry Classic will come up in November