Did you know a phone repair expert can fix these issues with your smartphone?

Let’s face it, when it comes to the items you can’t leave home without, your smartphone will easily be in the top 3. Phone. Keys. Wallet. 

Even though, over the years, many technological advances have meant that our mobile phones have gotten better at handling the world around them, because we take them with us everywhere, there’s so many ways in which our phones can break or become damaged. 

However, a broken smartphone is most certainly not the end of the world, especially when there are some really great phone repair experts out there. 

As tempting as buying a new phone might be, it can be so expensive and be a total pain to set up. If you find yourself in a spot of bother with your smartphone, before you opt to replace it, consider having it repaired. 

You might not realise, but a phone repair technician can fix a whole host of damage and problems that your smartphone might experience, here is a list of only some of the common repairs a phone repair technician can perform. 

Smashed or Broken Phone Screens 

Ask any phone repair shop or technician and they will tell you hands down, this is the most common repair they perform. 

While some technological advances have made screens stronger, many people still like to gamble with lady luck and don’t use protection on their phones. 

On top of a lack of protection, smartphone screens have grown in size in recent years, meaning there is even more surface area to break. 

Whether you have one crack or an entirely smashed screen, repairing it is vital. One crack can cause major issues like dead spots on screen or provide a way for debris or even liquid to seep into the phone. A cracked or shattered screen can also just be downright dangerous for you, potentially causing scratches and cuts on your fingers. 

A screen repair is often a lot easier, faster and more affordable than you might realise, and often your repair technician will even have a glass protector screen to put onto your phone to make sure your new screen is looked after. 

Faulty or Damaged Headphone or Charging Ports 

Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning only to find that your plugged in phone didn’t charge overnight? 

This can happen for a few reasons, one of course being the charger itself no longer working, another could be because the power went out overnight, and the other major reason is because of an issue with your charging port. 

These issues can occur because of a manufacturing fault, however, they most often occur from using either cheap sub-par chargers which cause damage to the inside of your port or debris has gotten into the port. 

A phone repairer can easily fix this issue though, whether it is by providing a thorough port clean, or by replacing the port itself. This repair takes expertise, but it can make the world of difference for your phone. 

Broken Cameras 

One of the best features of any smartphone is its camera right? We use them for everything, from taking a quick snap of a great top you want to buy, to making memories with friends and families. So, when yours isn’t working properly, there are not many things that are more frustrating right? 

Occasionally there can be a technological issue that affects your smartphone’s camera. However, most of the time, the biggest issue that affects the camera is a smashed or cracked lens. This usually occurs from dropping your phone or a heavy object dropping on it. 

But, it’s nothing to worry about. A broken camera lens can easily be fixed, often the external glass of the lens only needs replacing, but your phone repairer will know what to do for sure. 

Make sure you get a professional to fix your phone 

While you might think that some phone repairs can be quite simple, they are only simple for those who have been trained to perform them. When it comes to your smartphone, don’t risk it, get a professional to do it. If you’re looking for phone repair Sydney, then look no further than Fone Teknician. 

They are iOS certified technicians who can come to you, wherever you are in Sydney. Save some money and get your phone repaired today! 

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.