Facebook Ads: The newest privacy changes tracks you to personalize your Ads
Facebook Ads: The newest privacy changes tracks you to personalize your Ads

Facebook Ads: The newest privacy changes tracks you to personalize your Ads

The newest privacy changes in Facebook Ads will no doubt help Facebook to drag more money off their personalize advertisement but it questions the lack of privacy of the users. Now Facebook Ads will spy on you by tracking your visit over the internet and gather all the information so that they can provide the appropriate advertisement as per your requirement. But what if…you don’t want Facebook to track you. Well Facebook does not allow the user the option to opt-in the choice. So you will not be given the choice, if you are an existing customer, as you sign in to Facebook the new changes will be implemented. So if you want or not, you will be tracked by Facebook henceforth. But still there is question on the opt-out whether the option will actually stop the tracking.

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As one site noted: “If you want to prevent Facebook from tracking your Internet usage altogether, then you will have to contact the Digital Advertising Alliance in the US, or its European and Canadian equivalent, which will prevent individual Facebook ad targeting altogether. You can also alter you settings with your mobile device to prevent Facebook tracking you via your smartphone.”

Facebook Ads having the ever expanding privacy policy and word counts longer than that of other social networks but Privacy has always been a key concern for Facebook for the past years. Now this new privacy implementation of tracking the users using other websites reached the height of lack of privacy. Facebook has always been questioned regarding their privacy aspects still they made a bold step towards their privacy rules. Well it might seems to some bunch of users interesting as it is customer centric and helps to bundle their areas of interests.

As stated by Facebook – “When we ask people about our ads, one of the top things they tell us is that they want to see ads that are more relevant to their interests”.

But do all the users want this add-on feature at the sake of privacy. So it’s a big question now whether the new privacy rule for Facebook will earn the heart of its users!!! Facebook’s facial recognition software is a hot topic by the advertisers these days. Facebook already declared in their rules stating that they can claim “any photo or media posted” to Facebook, so we can hope for many dollar signs for Facebook with this type of advertising

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