Finder for Airpods: App that lets you find your lost AirPods
Finder for Airpods: App that lets you find your lost AirPods

Finder for Airpods: App that lets you find your lost AirPods

Airpods are often lost and we know getting a new one may become a costly solution. Airpod replacement may cost around $59. So there should be an alternative solution. Suppose you are sure that the AirPods are somewhere in the house and you cannot find them, then there is a potential solution for you. It’s an app called Finder for Airpods which costs just $ 3.99 app. The app is available for download in App Store. There is a specific system requirement for supporting ‘Finder for Airpods’.


‘Finder for Airpods’ can help you find AirPods that have been paired with your iOS device at some point of time. If you have restored the phone or removed the pairing, then the application won’t function properly. First of all, open the app. It will start searching for AirPods that had been paired with the device. Next, the app will ask you which of the left or right AirPod have you lost. Choose the one you have lost. Even if you have lost both the AirPods, it can still search for them simultaneously.

After you have selected the AirPods, the app will start scanning for Airpods. An arc will appear and it will indicate how close you are to the app. You have to roam about with the phone to search for the AirPods and the scan result will change accordingly until you get real close to the AirPods.

There is a limitation. The app will not be able to find out the AirPods it has been discharged. The app will not work then. So unless you remember of the AirPods quite soon while being at the vicinity of the AirPods, it won;t be fruitful

Update: The app has been removed by Apple very recently. No clear reason has been mentioned. However, according to reports, one reason that has been figured out is that- Apple is probably going to add this as an in-built feature in its next iOS version. Apple has removed the app and is also refunding the price of app to its customers.

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