AI tool Restored old photos

Free AI Tool For Restoring Old Photos But With Limitations

Restoring old worn-out photos is a tough job, and when there is a free AI tool to convert old photos into new ones, who wouldn’t want to try it? An AI tool has been developed by Tencent researchers, GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network) which is capable of restoring damaged low-resolution portraits.

Previously, we restored damaged old photos with the help of photoshop and other high-end photo editing applications. Those needed professional-level editing with a lot of patience and time. But, with this tool, you can restore an image in 1 minute or two. The technology merges information from different AI models and fills up the missing links and gaps in old photos, with realistic model-trained details. The output boasts high accuracy and quality.

Check out the above video to learn in details, how things are done. Check out a demo of GFP-GAN for free. The creators posted their code to let anyone implement the restoration tech in their own projects.

Even though accuracy is high and quality is also incredible, yet there are some limitations. You might notice a “slight change of identity”. So, if you are planning to print a huge poster size photograph from the restored image, you may be disappointed. Model training and other technological upgradations are being carried on continuously. It hints for a better future, where we will be able to restore all damages and worn-out images.

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