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Google To Kill Off Android Auto Very Soon

Google has announced that the company will soon discontinue the Android Auto app for smartphones with Android 12. The smartphone beaming platform will be there, but the launcher for the smartphones will be stopped. The user interface of the Android Auto Launcher was first introduced in 2016 to enhance the ease of use while driving.

But now, Google wants users to get accustomed with the Google Assistant driving mode. Google Assistant Driving mode will come with Android 13 as a built-in feature. It will provide more advanced and ameliorated driving experience to all users, while they are driving.  

The new version wad rolled out in the United States last year. Outside the United States, other regions have started receiving the new version after April 2021. Google said that the Android Auto app will be stopped completely once Android 12 software update reaches out to each and every user.

Google has not mentioned anything about older Android versions, but it is speculated that older phones which do not qualify for the Android 12 update will have to use the Android Auto for the time being.

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