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Google’s Super Bowl highlighting search trends

Season of Super Bowl XLIX was here and lots of unique searches from around the world were seen on Google. Google has a long history of showcasing their search trends, and this time it tweeted out a bunch of info graphics and common queries before, during, and after the Super Bowl.

Google's Super Bowl highlighting search trends

Although Patriots took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the players (and performers) stole the show, and inspired lots of interesting search trends.

Following are some of the highlighting trends before, during and after Super bowl game:

Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles habit

“You know why I’m here.” TD Seattle. #SuperBowl
— Google (@google) February 2, 2015

The most interesting QB in the world
So … about Tom Brady. #SuperBowl
— Google (@google) February 2, 2015

Pre-game trends

Big questions trending on search before the big game. #GoogleTrends
— Google (@google) February 1, 2015

Missy Elliott’s halftime show – what year is it, again?
The Missy Elliott Halftime Show: Let ME work it. #SuperBowl
— Google (@google) February 2, 2015

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  1. this is the first time for me to find an interesting article about super bowl. i am wondering about it. it seem amazing. so i will find it out more
    thank for information, nice post

  2. I’m in the UK and watched the Super Bowl last night for the first time in my life. I fully admit that #deflategate had got me really interested and I really wanted to see whether the Patriots would go on to win after all the scandal!

  3. P.Manning pass short middle to C.Anderson to DEN 38 for 14 yards (B.Irvin, H.Farwell). P.Manning finishes with 34 completions, new Super Bowl record.

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