Technology Secrets And Other Ways On Successfully Maintaining a Strong Distant Relationship

In the past, a strong, healthy relationship between two people separated by thousands of miles was deemed impossible. In the modern days, technology has made distance completely irrelevant, and there are many tools that help maintain a strong connection with a person who’s far away.

These are some of the more popular ways with which this can be achieved.


Even though nothing can replace personal contact, Skype provides the second-best alternative. Video calls have been scientifically proven to strengthen the connection between two people, more so than regular phone calls. Having emotional conversations and being able to see the other person’s reaction plays a big role in strengthening the bond between two people.

Additionally, all you need to establish this type of contact is an average Internet connection. High-quality webcams can also be helpful, but even without them this still remains one of the cheapest, most efficient ways to stay in contact with your distant loved ones.


When people are separated, the occasional doubting and uneasiness are completely normal. This can be pretty stressful, sometimes even impacting daily activities. Having a solid insight into the person’s online activity on social media and other websites can help you achieve peace of mind. Their location history can also help reassure you that they’re safe. With Spokeo, you can achieve all this and more in a matter of seconds.

A collection of the person’s social media accounts, their current location and even the information about their phone carrier is only a click away. Through the phone number lookup process, you won’t have to leave yourself doubting for another minute. Simply enter the person’s phone number and giving Spokeo reverse phone lookup a few seconds to inspect it will give you the ability to analyze all of their social media profiles. You can see which places they’ve been visiting on a daily basis, how they’re feeling based on their activities and help you connect on a more personal level. It’s simple, easy and can further strengthen your relationship.

Physical Letters

The written word was always able to carry a stronger message. When you write a letter by hand, it’s much easier to convey your thoughts and express your feelings. Being able to do this without any technological distractions is what gives physical letters true value and what makes them much more appreciated than any text message will ever be. 

You’ll always have something new and interesting to say. This way of communication closes the gap between two people, and there’s just something special when you’re eagerly waiting for a response.

You can use international post offices to send them. 

Exchanging Photos In Different Tools

When video calls are not an option, photos can serve just as fine. Their main advantage is very small time consumption. Snapping a photo usually takes even less than sending a text message. For people that are mostly in a hurry or on a tight schedule, this is an irreplaceable way of staying in contact.

Furthermore, the images are very versatile. Alongside showing daily activities, they can be used for more intimate exchanges. Even though it’s not ideal, this method can fulfill some of the missing pieces left by the lack of physical contact.

You can use such apps like WhatsUp, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat and Instagram to send photoes. 

Handmade Presents 

Although a bit more time consuming, presents can be used to show the person how much they mean to you. This doesn’t have to be a big project if you’re not experienced – even something as simple as a framed picture will mean a world to the other person. It will let them know that you’re constantly thinking about them, even with all that distance between you.

These presents can also be timed with special events, such as birthdays or holidays. Keep in mind that it will take a bit longer for them to receive it.

You can find some ideas for such gifts on YouTube or Pinterest.

Instagram Uploads

“Pictures speak more than a thousand words”. With Instagram, you and your partner can indirectly communicate throughout the day. Uploading pictures of your day-to-day lives will help you keep up to date on each other’s life events. These images can either be uploaded for everyone to see or as part of an Instagram story for a more private option.

Another possibility is communication through the Direct Messaging option that Instagram offers. This way, no one will be able to see the photos except you and the person you’re sending them to.

Messenger Applications

Alongside texting, apps such as Messenger, Whatsapp or Viber can be used to make quick phone calls over the Internet. Hearing the voice of your loved one is much more meaningful than reading text messages. They are also very versatile – a phone call can be made even if you only have a little bit of time.

You’ll need to have access to WiFi or a mobile data plan. Fortunately, phone calls use much less data than video calls and don’t require as strong of a connection. This makes them very effective in almost any condition, as long as you have enough time to spare.

Try to use these apps and secrets to success in your distant relationship. I hope, you will find your special type of communication with the latest technology trends.

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.