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How to Drive Tech Changes in Your Organization


The study showed that most business leaders believe that lack of ability to implement a new idea, industry expertise and the culture of risk-taking prevent needed innovations. It also found out the existing challenge to save the speed of tech changes.

So, let’s consider possible ways to boost technology changes in your company.  These steps needed to create the path for developing game-changing services or products.

tech drive

Simplify Integration of New Ideas

Innovations and disruptive tech changes identify business viability and help to stay competitive. For example, some features may bring technical risk and complexity. But the client-oriented design that is based on the experts’ insights is more valuable. The main goal is to create a product that the market really wants. It means that new ideas need to be desirable as well as products that help customers to provide jobs-to-be-done.

Nowadays, the world changes so fast that people need to be equipped to save balance and stay successful. The jobs-to-be-done approach helps to upgrade your users that fulfills their inner desire to evolve.

Advertising is always based on this idea: improve your life situation, be better than you were yesterday. If your product will fit these desires, you will succeed.

Self-betterment can grow only with new ideas due to the new customers’ needs. So, be open to change your perception of the things and adapt your solution to your target audience.

Create a Culture of Risk-Taking

A learning-friendly environment is always risk-taking because the employees will experiment and try new things. Sometimes, they will fail but quite often experimentation brings excellence.

At Diceus, we are open to working on new solutions even if it means risk for us to explore new areas. But if everything is done correctly, results are impressive: we achieve needed results with new expertise. It showed us that everything is possible and the time-consuming solution may be very valuable. For example, when we worked on the one our project, we switched from the Angular to the vue.js template because of the customer’s preference. It was a new technology for us, so we reached the experts that helped us to improve our skills and create a great product.

Develop a Right Team

Pay attention to the engagement of the talents that value innovations. Tech changes are a compulsory element of the company’s growth that require from the employees a willingness to expand boundaries of their knowledge and expertise.

Most experts share their experience that one of the reasons why an organization can’t keep the pace of tech changes is the inability to allocate enough employees to speed up innovations.

So, ensure that your candidates have the right mindset for future-proofing opportunities. It includes a person’s flexibility, readiness to learn new stuff and grow.

While developing a strong internal team is critical, making use of the external resources is valuable as well. It helps to gain a fresh perspective and improve your company’s innovation strategy.

You need to develop a two-step innovation process. The first step requires creating an internal growth culture. The second step demands to invest in external help. This allows finding the gaps and learn market trends.

When you work only on the in-house team, you have such risks: tunnel vision and the development of “know-it-alls and know-betters” approach without permanent learning. For example, you can use a help of Eastern European IT companies to boost innovations. Ukraine software development is ranked as one of the most progressive with cost-effective solutions.

The tech world is already switched its attention to the talents because each business is all about the people. So, invest your time and efforts in creating good innovative internal and external teams.

tech drive

Afterthought. Innovation: What Is This?

Atlassian, Australia’s successful start-up believes that creativity and innovation are in each person. There a few more thoughts about the innovation.

  1. The diversity of the skills and thoughts, background are crucial elements of the innovation.
  2. Employees require time and space to become innovative and creative.
  3. Coming up with fundamentally new ideas is key to offer unique business services and products.
  4. Innovations have to deliver a solution to the existing market need.
  5. The company has to increase revenue through the innovations.
  6. Innovations need to help the organization reach new industries or customer segments.

Nowadays, forward-thinking organizations of different sizes identify the value of the new technical expertise. This is a valued business asset that has the power to influence the company’s growth. So, make it easy for your employees to come up with new ideas, create a risk-taking environment and develop a right team to boost needed tech changes.