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How To Future-Proof Your Home Office

How To Future-Proof Your Home Office

The home office should be a space that is inspiring and productive and not just a cold environment that you would see in some outdated office block. Working from home has well and truly become the norm, so it’s time to give some deserved attention to addressing your home office to ensure that it is future-proof. Here is a list of all the things to consider for your office space, so let’s get started. 

Modern technology

Modern technology is going to be critical in bringing your home office to the 21st century – and it’s going to seriously super-charge your productivity. The best home printers in Australia are fast, offer enhanced connectivity, and can print to a range of formats and specifications. A multifunctional printer is a great catch-all and a good place to start if you don’t know exactly what you need. You should also consider two screens if you haven’t already done so, as this will allow you to get into a great workflow without having to close and open new windows as you go.


Any old table and chair are not going to provide you with the best support in your work day. Think about it – you expect a safe and ergonomic solution at a workplace, so hold yourself to the same standard. You might even be able to get your workplace to cover the costs of these items or claim it on tax. We prefer to have a couple of different ergonomic furniture pieces to choose from in a work day and will use a standing desk for a couple of hours each day. Give yourself some great ergonomic options in your home office to make it truly future-proof.

Single-purpose space

Space is always an issue in any home, but it is important that you make your home office the dedicated space for work or study. This means that you can also eat, watch TV, and entertain in this space. Making it a single-purpose space will subconsciously get you into a working mindset with you entering the room, rather than being distracted by the washing to be folded, or whatever is on TV. It also means that you can be more available to video calls, meetings and other work activities that are possible with this sacred space.

The perfect amenities

What amenities is your office missing? An easy way to answer this is to think about all the reasons you get up from your desk and leave the room. Maybe a dedicated kettle and tea station in the corner might make the space warmer and more welcoming, and will even keep you in the working environment more consistently. You might even want to have a comfy chair where you can take long calls. Another idea would be to have a big bookcase with books that you want to read or books that you have read that continue to inspire you.

Stylish and functional

Look, this might not seem like a factor that can be future-proof – but think about how draining a boring space can be. Avoid creating a home office that is dull and set about injecting some personality and design elements into the space. This is going to make you feel energised on those days you need an extra kick. When it comes to creating a functional space, insulation and window coverings to minimise external light can be hugely advantageous so be sure to explore every element of your space.

Space to move

We all know the harm that a sedentary lifestyle can bring – and your home office is the perfect place to counteract that risk. Carve out a small area to roll a yoga mat down so that you can stretch while you work. This also has the added benefit of clearing your head and acting as a reset in the middle of the day which is always welcome! If you are not across what yoga or pilates poses are great for your body, you can even print a little guide and keep it next to your yoga mat to prompt your movement. If you would prefer to move in another way – you can also consider a skipping rope, a pull-up bar, a step-up step and really anything that is going to get you moving in your home office.

Creating a home office that you genuinely want to spend time in is so exciting – and you might already have some of these points covered! Be sure to add and subtract from your home office as you go, because it has to work for you and your style of working.