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How to Manage Your Social Media Channels Using Social Media Tool?

Social media is becoming life, and no matter our debates around how useful or harmful social media is to our lives, facts shows our minds are becoming gradually inseparable to these platforms that holds the potential to gather and connect every single person residing anywhere on this wide planet in one direct channel that can include many depends on our interests and what we share. 

This is the power of social media, and only the wisest who knows how to grasp that immense power to serve their needs whether it was social, political, financial, economic or anything else that lies in between. Yet as we are flooded with Hollywood movies these days imaging people with superpowers all the time, these people use instruments to harness their powers and control them to perfection. Just same as social media management tools does in a sense. So, allow me to call claim that social media platforms give us supernatural powers that such management tools are needed to control. 

How does these instruments operate? That’s what we are going to share with you on this article… so stay tuned.

Social media management tools in definition:

Social media management tools are these platforms or integrated software that helps you stay organized on social media, capable of operating more than one account either on same or different platforms efficiently, following up every element of interest that you target instantly on in real time based on your peripherals. On an advanced level, more robust solutions exist that may help you claim knowledge from different channels, gathering them all up on a single plate, that’s called a dashboard creating deepened analysis and showing reports on every single statement or coming up notice including a commercial name or brand.

Social media management tools in action:

Just as usual, when it comes to software inventions for running different systems or task, there is no one size fits all. You may find hundreds of these and every group of them functioning in a different manner, serving different purposes, sometimes they are even different on a single individual level, or maybe dedicated to single social media platform than another. All such solutions exist, and each enjoy their baseband of fans and users. 

For example, Tweetdeck and Facebook page manager ae both dedicated tools for their respective platforms, capable of providing users with full control over their accounts operating multiple accounts consequently, scheduling posts and events, retweets, posts, real-time tracking and more, and it’s all for free. Whereas Hootsuite is a super powerful platform capable of creating automated ads, among several other features such as social sharing, analytics, social marketing campaigns, engagements and much more. Check also other alternatives to Hootsuite

Sprout social is another brilliant solution serving a healthy social media ecosystem to all kinds of business especially agencies, with a plethora of unmatched features includes social media monitoring and deep reporting on real time analysis, content creating and distribution just to name a few. 

We also have Buffer, a well renowned social media management tool with various plans a service, Zoho Social, Sendible, eClincher and so many others, each as is unique characteristics and way to do things. All proves how rich our choices are when deciding the right tool to use to run our social media existence to reach our goals. 

What can a social media management tool do for you?

  • Social media content planning.
  • Social media posts publishing.
  • Multiple accounts management.
  • Active respond and inquiry support.
  • Social media posts scheduling automation.
  • Content and archive posts storing.
  1. Social media content planning:

Social media management tools help users realize the competition and be aware of their strongest point of appearance on social media platforms simply following their audience. What comes next is a group of technical stuff mainly aiming for deciding a specific goal or target that suits your business nature, increasing brand awareness and social influence for your industry through testing, setting up texts or sheets with most important plans and points of strength, creating social media follower persona and much more, that’s pretty much how social content planning works and there is no such orthodox way of doing it like A B C … so might as well follow your instincts on this point and just use the right tools. 

2. Social media posts publishing:

That is one of the most basic yet funniest thing to do with social media management tools, is simply publishing whatever content that helps your audience build more trust gradually in your brand. The way to do this is rather simple as well, it’s all a matter of data saving, archiving, and recycling for the most effective content you have. The best of breed through these tools are the ones that automatically monitor, test, and elect the best content, setting it on auto round up to build desired benefit out and improve ROI and revenue rates in return. Of Course, you should be able to use when to post your content, setting up your personal schedule with your own desired pace and timing.

3. Multiple accounts management:

The second most common and most basic usage for these tools is the ability to run multiple accounts all through the same dashboard or platform, some systems offer up to 3 different accounts on same social platform, some wider range software offer the same range yet supports different platforms, on upgraded price plans you may be able to run multiple accounts exceeding the 3 accounts limit, so it still depends on your preferences and how much you are willing to pay on a dedicated social management tool to run your business.

4. Active respond and inquiry support:

This is where these amazing tools come to playthings around like magic. One of the most important aspects for any successful business is how much its capable of providing support for their customers in real time, these tools provide excellent automated customer support and inquiry for its best products. One crucial task for social media management tools is providing active response for different posts and follow ups, this feature can as well be automated with most various and common replies for repeated and archived forms of inquiry.

5. Social media posts scheduling automation:

The stress relievers, money makers, or whatever you would like to call them, automated posts on social media help increase the focus and drive the attention of audience to whatever you have to offer, providing the best piece of information is being recycled on various times automatically, and that’s what these tools are here for; one of social media management tools most important aspects is its ability to recycle posts on automated manner that can be time controlled to cover the widest range of audience and followers.

6. Content and archive posts storing:

Last but not least, is the archiving and storing ability for these tools. Every successful media management tool is supposed to hold the ability to save and archive most important posts and announcements around your brand for further usage. Ones you may call successful chart makers or boosters, these might become life savers if used right, so it’s obvious you would want them saved somewhere for whenever you need to bring them up once again. Thankfully, there has been lots of tools and platforms who successfully serve this task today. 


It will always be a matter of preferences how you manage your business and make your choices that best serve your interests, so these points only served as keys to start from so you are always on the right track with the most definitive image of how your journey on social media platform would be.

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.