Why Do All Electronic & Telecom Products Have To Be Approved By The FCC and Get CE Certification ?

Every product that is introduced to the marketplace has to undergo a series of test to ensure that is safe for consumers. Special certifications are often required to validate a product’s safety and longevity and also helps add value and credibility to the said product.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is one of several other organizations responsible for ensuring that all products that reach the shelves and homes of consumers adhere to the standards and qualities set forth by the United States Federal Government. 

The FCC is responsible for ensuring that all forms of telecommunication devices available and sold in the U.S. do not comprise the security of citizens or interfere with any other types of electronic equipment. 

Telecommunication devices such as radios, televisions, wireless devices, RF electronics (new as well as old electronics), and much more have to pass through a series of tests and procedures to ensure that the product complies with all FCC standards and meets FCC emission rules and regulations.

For electronic manufacturers and distributors looking to expand into U.S. markets, getting an FCC certification is essential. The compliance testing requirements, rules, and regulations of the FCC are extensive and quite detailed which can make getting approval an arduous and often frustrating process. 

Companies like CSIA offer specialized services for those seeking to market or sell telecom products in the United States. Knowing the intricacy of the processes involved and the levels of compliance standards needed for an FCC certification make hiring such companies certainly a worthwhile process as it helps prevent unwarranted delays and mistakes that can stifle your FCC certification process which can cost both time and money.

What Type Of Products Require An FCC Certificate?

All radio frequency equipment solid in the U.S. is subjected to meet the compliance standards set by the FCC. Products like cell phones, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephones, power adapters, IT equipment, remote control transmitters, and many more require an FCC certificate.

How Can You Obtain An FCC Certification For Your Product?

Obtaining an FCC certificate is easier said than done. The process involves three stages or processes under the EMC directive for administering certificates of compliance for electronic devices. 

Depending on the product in question the screening method can vary. Some screening methods such as verification are a lot easier to pass as it is meant for digital products that do not contain radios and if they do have radios they are the ones that have already been approved by the FCC. 

Products that require an actual certification are the hardest approval process to go through. Not only does the process require meticulous testing the rules, regulations, and compliance standards set forth can be extremely confusing and difficult to attain without the guidance of someone knowledgeable with the processes, documentation, and testing required to make the approval process possible and in a timely manner.

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