How to Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy s7/s5/s3/s2

Though technology has made it easy for people to retrieve their lost photos and videos thanks to the development of new programs, the same technology has failed numerous people in return. It is therefore advisable to choose and use a program that not only guarantees the safety of your Samsung Galaxy s7/, s5/, s3/, s2, but also ensures that you will be in a position to retrieve all the lost photos with no glitches whatsoever. Once such program is dr.fone Android Data Recovery program.

dr.fone brags as being one of the leading data recovery softwares meant for Android smartphones. As a data recovery program, dr.fone allows you to search, preview, and recover your lost data in safe environment that guarantees you the safety of your Samsung Galaxy phone and the recovered files.

The dr.fone recovery software for Android gives you the freedom to recover your data from your Samsung Galaxy mobile device. The following is a detailed process on how you can do this.

Step 1: Connect Android Device to PC

The first thing to do is to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your PC. By default, dr.fone will detect your Samsung mobile phone.

dr fone android

You must also debug your smartphone before you can begin the data recovery process. The program will prompt you to enable debugging if you haven’t.

dr fone android

Step 2: Select Files to Be Recovered

Once your Samsung Galaxy has been full connected to the program, an interface that allows you to select the files to be recovered will be displayed. In this case, since we want to recover our photos, our selection will be “Gallery”. Check the “Gallery” box and click “Next”.

dr fone android

Step 3: Choose Data Recovery Mode

On your next interface, dr.fone will prompt you to select the desired mode of data recovery. Choose between Standard Mode and Advanced Mode, and check the warning box on your left-hand side. Click on the “Start” icon to initiate the data recovery process.

dr fone android

Tip: The time taken by the program to scan the Samsung Galaxy phone solely lies on the size of the lost data.

Step 4: Recover Data

Once the scanning process is over, preview the photos recovered and when satisfied, click on the “Recover” option.

dr fone android recovery

Part 2: Recover Deleted Photos on Android SD Cards

The diversity nature of dr.fone allows you to recover data even from your SD Card. The following is a detailed process on how you can do this.

Step 1: Choose SD Card Data Recovery

Launch dr.fone data recovery program, and select “Android SD Card Data Recovery” option.

android sd card recovery

Step 2: Connect SD Card to PC

In this step, you can either choose to connect your SD Card directly to your PC or insert your card in your Samsung galaxy phone. Once your SD Card has been detected, click on the “Next” option to initiate the data recovery process.

dr fone android

Step 3: Choose Scan Mode

On your next interface, choose between the Standard and Advanced mode of data recovery. Make sure that you have read the nature of data recovery that the program is going use before proceeding. Once you have made your selection, click “Next” to start the data recovery process.

scan mode

Step 4: Preview Recovered Data

Preview the recovered data by clicking on the “Gallery” option and select each and every photo that you would to recover. Once comfortable with your selection, click “Recover” to save your selected files.

preview recovered data

Part 3: Recover Broken Photos from Broken Android Devices

If you might have damaged your phone accidentally, you can still recover deleted pictures from Android devices by using dr.fone data recovery program. The following is the data recovery process.

Step 1: Data Extraction

On your dr.fone interface, select the “Android Data Extraction” option. This option allows you to extract data from your damaged Samsung Galaxy phone.

data extraction

Step 2: Select Data Extraction Option

The data extraction option gives you the opportunity to recover your photos from a phone that has a screen that doesn’t work, or a broken/black screen. Choose the extraction process that suits your situation.

data extraction option

Step 3: Select Device Name and Model

Once you have selected your preferred damaged phone, a new interface that shows your device name will appear. Select your model and click “Next”.

activate download mode

Step 4: Activate Download Mode

Before you can recover your photos, you must place your mobile phone in a download state. You can achieve this pressing the power, home, and volume up buttons on a concurrent manner. Once activated, press “Start” to proceed to the next step.

download mode

Step 5: Connect Device to PC

After you have activated the download mode, connect your phone to your PC and wait for the program to detect it. Once connected, the program will scan and preview the entire data.

connect device to pc

Step 6: Recover to Device

Once you have selected the required photos, click on the “Recover” option. Your lost photos will be recovered and saved either in your SD Card or your PC.



Regardless of whether you might be using a Samsung Galaxy s7/, s5/, s3/, or s2, retrieving any lost photos is of the essence. As seen in this article, dr.fone should be the ideal data recovery program that each Samsung user should use to recover their data. Unlike other data recovery programs, dr.fone guarantees you tangible results, as well as the privacy and safety of any data present in your Samsung Galaxy. This makes the program one of the best data recovery programs that each Samsung Galaxy owner should have just in case they lose their photos.


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