How To Recover Text Messages On iPhone Via PhoneRescue?

Data Loss is a big menace at present jeopardizing the data integrity in many organizations and companies. Data Loss is most of the times unintentional but the effect is havoc. From PCs to smartphones, all devices are susceptible to data loss. There are several scenarios in which a smartphone loses its data. Due to unexpected system crash, we are often forced to format the smartphone and thus loses all data in the process. Again, sometimes, when we delete all messages by selecting Delete All options by mistake, all the text messages get deleted instantly. For videos and images, there is still a chance for recovery because most of the mobile OS provides a trash bin option. But for text messages, once it is gone, it is gone forever.

But what if your text messages have some important information? How to compensate that loss? PhoneRescue is an ultimate rescue software for your Android or iOS smartphone that can retrieve any file, anytime no matter what the condition of the phone is. PhoneRescue is an effective software which is supported on both Mac and Windows operating system.

The salient features of PhoneRescue for iOS are as follows:

  1.  Recover any type of deleted data from your iPhone quickly and flawlessly with the highest success rate. The application deploys a no-data-loss technology to make sure that not a single byte of data is overlooked while data rescue is taking place. Besides no-data-loss technology, the application deploys many other technologies like Force Restore, SmartCompare, SharpMatch, Thunder Extraction, secure login, etc.
  2. On one hand it promises you to recover all types of files, on the other hand, it gives you the freedom to choose which recovered files to restore back to your smartphone. It recovers lost files even if there is no backup created. It even restores saved photos of Instagram and Facebook.
  3.  PhoneRescue can literally rescue your smartphone’s damaged data in a plethora of situations such as lost device, damaged device, factory reset device, iTunes synchronization failure, jailbroken device, crash iOS, virus and malware threats, etc.

The process of using the PhoneRescue software is super simple. Here, we are showing you the process of installing and using PhoneRescue for Mac OS.

  1. Click here to download PhoneRescue for free. Run the .dmg file. The PhoneRescue Installer opens promptly. Move the application icon to the right and drop it into Applications.
phone rescue installer

2. Next, open the Launchpad and open PhoneRescue.

install phonerescue

3. Now, double tap on the app icon. Select your preferred language. The app launches. The user interface looks like this. In order to recover your text messages, you have to first connect your iPhone to your Mac. Then choose the option consciously. The steps are so simple and well explained that you don’t need to take help from anyone else.

There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for the application to function smoothly. For example needs to be detected by the computer. There are four main recovery options, recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes, recover from iCloud, iOS recovery tools.

recover from iOS device

PhoneRescue is an extremely useful app and is a life saving option for iOS users falling victim of data loss. The data recovery speed is amazingly fast and the process is very simple. The app has both free and paid version. Users can try the trial version before purchasing the application and I am sure users won’t be disappointed. This is a highly recommended software.

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