What’s the latest animation trend?

The last year brought designers an extensive amount of changes in the world of web technologies. These are the most exciting and the newest animation trends 2021 in the community:

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Extensibility is where you can take the technology and extend it for your needs. During the last decade, we use components everywhere, when developing apps (like with React, Vue, Svelte,) and when working on a design (a system design.) nowadays we’re trying to make those components more unique and applicable for everyday use. Extensibility allows us to use the platform (such as browsers and html/css/js) for our needs and experiments, and of course, for a better profit.

Variable fonts

Variable fonts are the future of web animation, offering us a list of possibilities to manage the text on the screen ( including size, boldness, and style.) All of it can be combined with a relatively small size of a file. It’s time to say goodbye to endless debates whether you have to obtain dozens of fonts, and give you a content a possibility of living a new and wonderful life.


By definition, compatibility is the ability of technology to be interchangeable depending on the needs of a certain user. From a technical point of view, we can give an example of different companies finishing or migrating from an old stack to a new one. For example, Backbone transferred into React. Developers want both of them to have a unified look that will not use major migrations. Components and web components are the main agenda everyone agrees on.

Loading screen animation

While the page gets downloaded, the user can switch to another site, not remembering why they visited the page in the first place. Fast internet connection created capacitive crowds of impatient uses, so the loading screen animation sounds like the only solution for people with average attention span. A captivating image is a new trend in web animation. Not only does the percentage infographics animation annoy the user, but it also informs them when the loading time will end. The same goes for progress bars, but is for us animation is concerned, most web designers prefer numbers overloading bars.

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Cursor effects

Cursor effects have been popular for a while, so it’s not the newest trend. But who said you cannot benefit from bygone times over and over again. Although we haven’t seen much cursor animation lately, these effects are all over the Internet whatever site you visit.

Hover effects

The user keeps paying attention to the area where they placed the cursor. That’s why the majority of motion designers keep practicing while creating newer solutions for hover effects. Web animations always need some serious spicing up, so this effect is in the arsenal of most wanted features for every site. 

Lined up icons

In 2021, icons that do not match one aesthetic are a crime. A 2021 interface has to have that uniform look precisely up to one pixel. If you want to hop on this trend, use images from the same site. Don’t download them from free stocks. Instead, download those icons from special libraries. Every image needs to have the same style, with similar parameters, and preserving the same line thickness. Icons downloaded from different sites I will mess up your integrity and the overall look of your project. Use new were libraries because there, the content gets upgraded daily.

Blur effects

Gradients evolved and became more complex. Now it’s not enough to use a linear gradient like we used to do. You have to mix different colors and opacity, adding layers and layer masks. Additionally, designers use color blur for their interfaces, usually in the background. This makes the interface look deeper and three-dimensional.

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