How to Sell Effectively with Social Media?

Social media promotion is not only good for brand recognition, but also for increasing profits. Would you like your social media followers to become your customers? I’ll give you 5 actionable tips that will lead your fans to purchase.

Tip #1: Evaluate your sales funnel

In order to map out your social media sales strategy, you must first understand all the stages of the sales funnel. What makes social media sales is your clear understanding of the first 4 steps to monetizing social media:

  1. Understanding the marketing channels that engage the user in the sale in the moment;
  2. What the next selling step should be;
  3. Infusing social media into the selling chain;
  4. What period of time is needed to complete the transaction.

To study the behavior of your subscribers, testing must be done. The reason for this is the difference between user behavior on social media and other marketing communications.

The main advantage of social networks for sales is an earlier start of communications and customer involvement, as it is in social networks that brand recognition falls within 3 steps and allows you to significantly increase the conversion rate:

Brand awareness: engagement – influence – brand representation.

Tip #2. Simplify the buying process

A user who likes your social media page, after getting acquainted with the content, should be able to easily make a purchase. If he has to click on a picture, go to the site, and there to find a way to make a purchase, such a purchase will never happen.

Create a section on the page from which the user can directly make a purchase, without making additional clicks and transitions. Lead the user to the purchase with quality content, in which you should put a variety of call-to-action.

Tip #3. Content retention for subscribers.

Just because a person subscribes to your page and likes a post doesn’t mean they’re ready to become a customer of your product. But beautiful page design on Instagram should be a priority for you. Don’t forget to follow trends and use handy services like this free service.

You can make sure you don’t miss out on such a user with email newsletters. Offer them to subscribe to your newsletters to receive unique and useful content for them.

Working with this audience is always effective — these people are interested in you and your products but have not yet made a purchasing decision. Your job is to use the chain of emails to make subscribers into potential customers. We’ve already told you about four types of emails that motivate a purchase.

Tip #4. Forming an email strategy

When working with your social media subscriber base, you need to create a specific structure for your email campaign. Each email in the chain should consistently lead the reader to purchase. You have to tell everything about the product in detail, without leaving the potential buyer with a mountain of unanswered questions. You also need to work through all the objections that arise in any sale and allow the reader to become a likely buyer.

A probable is someone who is already interested in your products and is researching your offer for a possible purchase. Through quality social media interactions with potential buyers, you have acquired probable buyers.

Give these buyers interesting content and add call-to-actions that will generate readiness to buy in the reader of your emails. You can use a product trial request, a recording of a webinar about your product, or a download of your product manual as a CTA. From our blog, you can learn 3 simple ways to turn subscribers into buyers.

Tip #5: Analyze your marketing campaign

It’s possible to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts using the metrics in GoogleAnalytics and its integration with HootSuitePro. Thanks to the data you get, you’ll be able to answer the questions:

  • How much does it cost to display a banner?
  • How much does it cost to engage a user?
  • How much does it cost an undetermined user?
  • How much does a likely user cost?
  • How much does it cost per sale?

Social media is a unique tool for growing and running a business. Use our advice and expect profits.


SMM is social media marketing using paid and free tools. In order to survive on social media, you will have to publish quality content every day and invest in advertising.

Before you start working with SMM, determine why the company needs it and clearly set goals and objectives – preferably in numbers right away. When making a content plan, keep in mind the peculiarities of content consumption and the formation of the feed in each social network.

Counting likes and audience growth is important, but not the main part of SMM. Remember that it’s much more important to count conversions and that social media is more likely to report on associates rather than direct conversions. The ROI on SMM shouldn’t be negative. But if you’ve just started and you get zero or a small minus, that’s okay.

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