How to Track Child’s Phone without Them Knowing?

In this world of virtual gaming, parents are found to miss the fun and innocence with their children. Children are likely to spend more time on their mobile phones, rather than with their parents.  

This excessive involvement in the digital world badly affects the study schedule. Not just that, but it also hampers their privacy and endangers them against cyber threats. So, what do you think is the solution? 

Well, the one of the sensible steps in the case would be developing a friendly and intense bond with your child. However, if your work schedule is too busy to get some time for your child, then here you have another option. 

In this blog, we have brought a solution to your question “how to track my child’s phone without them knowing?”. If you will survey the market, you can get several spying apps, but are they all that useful? 

Many of the spying software available in the market are not stealthy and have a greater risk of getting caught. Moreover, such software apps are prone to viruses and malware attacks, which makes your child’s data unsafe.     

This means, you need a solution that is safe, reliable, and most importantly discretionary. Spyier is the hand that will help you get all the information about your child’s activity without affecting their data privacy. 

Spyier “The Solution For Monitoring Your Children”

Spyier is one of the leading spying apps that will help you monitor your child’s activities with utmost convenience. This intuitive website offers a simplified interface to work upon. Not just social media, but this spying app is apt for tracking many more aspects in your child’s smartphone. 


With millions of users across more than 190 countries, this app has a global reach to its customers. Using Spyier is the best spying solution as recommended by leading tech platforms including, PC Magazine, Toms Guide, and Life Hacker.   

If you were looking for a solution for “how to track my child’s phone without them knowing” then Spyier has got your back. The stealth mode operation makes this app appropriate for secret spying.  Let’s have a look at some of its amazing features. 

1. Web-Supported Interface: In order to track your child’s phone from Spyier, you are not required to download a specific app. Rather a simple login from your mobile or PC browser, will help you access all your child’s information. 

This feature will make your app more convenient, as you can track your child’s phone any time you want and from any place. 

2. Escape Root And Jailbreak Requirement: Spyier comes up with the best and most innovative technology that saves your time and efforts applied in root or jailbreak.

This is important, so that your data’s integrity and safety are ensured correctly. Also, the Spyier solution doesn’t hamper any of your warranties, which makes spying easier.  

3. The Accessible Interface With Navigational Ease: Spyier offers you loads of features, which can be accessed easily through its dashboard. The specified tabs enable you to access any feature you want with just a left click on the specified tab. 

Isn’t it a time-saving solution? Now, you don’t have to spend hours looking for options to make it work. The intuitive interface enables navigational ease for quick work.  

4. At Par Data Privacy: Spyier’s software is highly reliable as in no case, it compromises with the safety measures of its customers. It has got the best of encryption protocols, that ensure higher safety standards. 

More than that, there is no reason for stress, as Spyier doesn’t record any of your data or target phone’s data on its servers. This means there is no chance of breach in your data safety. 

5. Affordable Solution: Spending on something like spying is always a concern. You would be looking for the minimal price you can get. So, Spyier makes it easy for you as the amount of features and the tech-savvy interface has a nominal price that is worth it. 

6. No Need Of Being A Tech Expert: As stated before as well, the Spyier software has a brilliant interface that can be accessed by a person, who does not know technicalities. 

The Stealth Mode Of Spyier Software

The Spyier app is feasible with both Android and iOS operating systems. However, there is a slight variation in the procedure of setting up the Spyier software on the target phone.

For the Android version, you need to get hold of your child’s mobile for just 5 minutes. A 2-3 MB sized app is required to be downloaded, which can be easily confined. 

The app is so small that your child will never be able to guess its presence. Also, you can uninstall the app whenever you feel like without manually operating the target phone. 


In terms of iOS or iPhone mobile solutions, you don’t have to even carry out the manual installation process. Just get the iCloud credentials of your child’s iPhone and you are good to go. 

You are required to enter the credentials, after which the software will synchronize the iCloud back-up data and will get you all the information you wanted.


With the completion of Spyier set-up, you can easily track your child’s digital activities without them knowing. All the text messages, social media apps, and more can be tracked from a remote location. 

Spyier uses advanced stealth mode technology, which makes the security at par and undetectable. The app offers a simple solution for tracking the tiniest information of your child’s activities over his/her phone. 

Everything You Need To Know

Take a look at what you are willing to know and track from your child’ s phone.


Social Media Tracking Solutions: Spyier offers specific taps for each of the social media apps. Some of the popular social media spying tabs you can access are Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Call Tracking Solutions: The app offers a great feature to track the call made as well as received on your child’s phone. You can also access the record of the calls for your use. 

Track The Browser History: Spyier enables you to check all the history of the browser. It helps you check what all websites are accessed by your children. If you find anyone inapt or abusive, then you have the option to block the website as well. 

Location Tracker: The Spyier has a location monitor feature that allows you to keep a 24/7 surveillance on the location of your child. If they are quite young, then you can set the boundaries and can ensure their safety. 

The Keylogger Feature: Keylogger is one of the significant features of Spyier. It allows you to track all the keystrokes made on the target device. You can easily get their passwords, usernames along with web searches and messages. 

Parental Monitoring

Children are most prone to get attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. Take the instance of Pokemon Go and Blue whale games, that have severely impacted the safety of your children.   

Being a parent, you get the chance to keep an eye on your child’s messages and take a look at how their perceptions are building. The parental control feature by Spyier allows you to restrict the sites you don’t want your children to access. 

No matter what you are expecting, Spyier is the ultimate spying solution to make your child safe in the virtual space. After the login, the set-up wizard will help with all the instructions and you can easily check the information. 


Keeping an eye on your child’s digital life has become very important, following the distress in life and opportunities available on the platform. Spyier has more than 30 features, which will allow you to keep a 360-degree check on what your child is up to. Well, thinking about other ways to track my child’s phone without them knowing isn’t wrong. So if you have likely thought, then get a try on Fam360, because next to Spyier, it can prove to be useful. Apart from that, Spyier is the best solution you can find. Especially, when it comes to the features and security, Spyier is certainly the best solution.

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