How To Use Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts On Web?

Twitter has added many features that can improve the user experience. New users may not always find the right option quite easily. In that case, you can use the keyboard shortcuts of Twitter on web. These shortcuts will not work for mobile application.

1. Click on your Twitter account at the top right corner of the web page. Next, click on keyboard Shortcuts.

2. Here also, you can check all the relevant Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter.


Here is the list once again:

N: compose a new tweet
Ctrl+Enter: send a tweet
Escape to exit the compose window, or any other popup (not specific to Twitter, but very handy)
F: favorite a tweet
R: reply to a tweet
T: retweet a tweet
M: send a direct message
U: mute a user
B: block a user
Enter: open tweet details
L: close all open tweets
J: move to the next tweet
K: move to the previous tweet
Space: move down a page
Shift + Space: move up a page
. : bring up the next set of tweets and take you to the top of the page
/ : go to the Search box
G+H: Home
G+N: Notifications
G+A: Activity
G+R: Mentions
G+D: Discover
G+P: Profile
G+F: Favorites
G+L: Lists
G+M: Messages
G+S: Settings
G+U: any user’s timeline

That’s all!

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