How To Watch and Unblock Hulu While Abroad With a VPN

For the most part, streaming is swiftly and rapidly becoming the most well-known and renowned medium for people who want to watch sports teams, TV shows, and movies. And Hulu is one of the top streaming services in the US, bragging at least fifty channels to watch on-demand and live, as well as plenty of TV shows and movies. 

Although it comes behind Netflix, the new Live TV service by Hulu has received at least one million subscribers after it was launched last year. Sadly, like most Video-on-demand and streaming services, Hulu limits access to its content based on a person’s geographic location.

Also, you need to be in the US or its domains to stream the service. Well, it can be upsetting if you have purchased a subscription and cannot access it while residing outside the United States or traveling. Fortunately, you can evade the geoblocking of Hulu with a VPN. For a little help, here are the necessary steps to unblock and watch Hulu while abroad. Read on!


Generally, there are two major methods to unblock Hulu’s content through VPNs and proxies. However, VPNs excels the other way with regards to reliability. The first way to unblock content on Hulu is to leverage an anonymous proxy tool.

It serves as an emissary between the internet and your browser, concealing or hiding your actual location with another whereabouts, such as the United States. Proxies can be utilized for free and are fast, which is best for geoblocking.

Although you could possibly unblock content on Hulu with US IP addresses in the proxies, Hulu is always searching for IP addresses that are connected or linked with proxy tools. Therefore, if it notices that a lot of users are entering its website via one IP address, you will need to deactivate your anonymous proxy tool to access content on Hulu.

Since Hulu is directly owned by a circle of content partners, they’re quick at determining and blocking addresses they believe originated from proxies. With most of these proxy tools only providing a few IP addresses, you might discover yourself having to sort through multiple tools before getting one that works.

On the other hand, the most reliable method to unblock this streaming service is with a good Virtual Private Network. There are a lot of reasons why you need to use a VPN, and its capability to evade or dodge geoblocking on any website is one of them.

A VPN functions the same as an anonymous proxy tool unblocks Hulu, by concealing your IP address with a United States IP address. However, a Virtual Private Network encrypts your traffic as well, providing your streaming and browsing habits a sheet of privacy from intruding government bodies and ISPs.

Like proxy tools, there are many free VPNs available online. However, you need to stay cautious of how they can benefit or take advantage of your use of the service and think about a paid VPN plan. Paid Virtual Private Network services tend to have plenty of IP addresses and server locations for you to pick a particular location that unblocks Hulu. Read various vpn reviews to help get the right one. 

How To Unblock Hulu With A Virtual Private Network 

Without a doubt, you can disable the geoblocking of Hulu within several steps. So, first, you must get an excellent Virtual Private Network service. Then, choose one of its United States locations, and log in to your account in Hulu to begin streaming.

How To Select The Right VPN Service 

When VPN-shopping, look for an excellent streaming Virtual Private Network for Hulu. Essentially, you need two things: an extensive selection of US locations and fast streaming speeds.

A great VPN option is ExpressVPN. It has fourteen server locations in the United States that you can link to. Plus, this VPN service provides excellent connection speeds. Moreover, consider looking for a “no log” policy, the existence of a kill switch, and supports all your devices.


Hulu doesn’t only demand that your IP address will be in the US. Payments should come from the United States as well. So, if you reside outside the US without a PayPal account or domestic credit card, it can be a challenge. But there are a few solutions that claim to work. It includes StatesPay, EntroPay, and a prepaid card from this site.

With all of these in mind, you can binge-watch all the shows, movies, and sports you love. If you’re not sure what to watch, don’t worry. You can explore through the many best shows on this streaming service. 

Once you’ve logged into your Hulu account via a VPN, you can use this streaming service on any of your devices, for example, game console, smart TV, or tablet. 

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