How Will Bad Bots Affect Your Business?

Businesses have a lot to think about when it comes to keeping their business secure. They have to think about cyber security and ensure they do not fall victim to these attacks. Cyber attacks can have devastating effects on any business, and for that reason, you should have the best strategy to ensure that your business is secure.

How Will Bad Bots Affect Your Business?

Account Takeover

Bad bots can attempt an account takeover on your website by testing stolen credentials. If they succeed in getting into your account, they will commit financial fraud, lead to account lockouts, and even affect the customer’s experience on your site.

Credit Card Fraud

Bad bots accessing your account can lead to testing different credit card numbers to find any missing data. As a result, your fraud score will be affected, leading to the processing chargebacks.

Scraping Data and Price

Bots can get into your account, get your content, and use it on another website. If this happens, it will affect your SEO rankings as well as slow down your website. Scraping of the price is where bots offer information to your competitors so that they can beat your market price. If so, you will lose your business since your SEO search will affect your price.

Ways to Detect Bots on Your Site

Detecting bots on your website is not easy. The reason being they have been programmed to mimic human behavior. If so, you will not notice anything wrong with your website unless you know where to look. Here are some signs that bots have attacked your website.

Having Direct Traffic Sources

Under normal conditions, you will get the most traffic on your website from different channels and sources. In case you notice that they are coming from a single channel, this is a sign that you have bots on your website.

Slow Performing Servers

When you notice that your hosting server is slow, then the chances are that bots caused this. It is as essential to deal with this issue as possible as it will affect the user experience.

Unexplained Increase in Browser Rate

Computers are known to browse the website at a faster rate than humans. Thus, if you experience a large amount of traffic in a short duration, the chances are that you are dealing with bots.

Content Scraping

When you notice a duplicate of your web page or content on another site, this is a sign that you have bots in your system. The bots will get content from popular websites to try to get traffic to their websites.

Can Anti-bot Solution Stop The Attack Of Bots On Your Website?

Due to the effects that bad bots have on your website, you need to develop a strategy you can use to eliminate them. One of the ways you can do this is by making use of the  anti bot protection technology. The anti-bot solution aims to stop bad bots from getting into your website.

How Do Anti-bot Solutions Work?

The anti-bot works by using machines to learn the algorithms that are always updating data on bad bots and what they do. With this information, then the anti-bots will detect the bots before they get into your website. Thus, this makes it difficult for cyber criminals to access your website. If you are planning on using anti bots, you need to use the anti-bot technology or the anti-bot protection system to help ensure that your website is protected.

1. Bot Traffic

One of the effects of having bots on your website is having increased traffic. This traffic is fake since it is brought by bots. But when you use the anti-bot technology, it is easy for you to identify the bots causing traffic on your website. Thus, you can develop a strategy on how you might block them before they cause damage to your system.

2. Botnet Attacks

You have to understand that a botnet attack aims to get sensitive data stored by cybercriminals on your website. If so, the bots can use the information against you or your business. In most cases, the botnet will try to use the information to gain access to financial information. The anti-bot will notice when the bots get into the system and develop the best strategy to ensure that they do not get any sensitive information. Thus, they will help in keeping both you and your business safe.

3. Email Phishing Attack

Bots can get into your website, gather your clients’ email information, and use this to send out emails. The emails will have an attachment that is harmful and can be used to steal data from your clients. But when you use an anti-bot solution, you will not have to worry about dealing with such issues. The system will detect the bot even before they can get the emails. Thus, they will lock them out from your website.

How to choose the best anti-bot system

With the many anti-bots systems in the market, you might be wondering how to choose the right one. Here are some pointers to use in your selection

  • What is the bot planning on accomplishing? You need to understand why you are getting bots attack as that will help you come up with the best anti-bot to use.
  • What does it protect? Most businesses aim to get anti-bot solutions that will protect the business. But they also need to ensure that the anti-bot they get will also help in protecting fraudulent activities.
  • Is it flexible? The best botnet to use is the one that offers you overall flexibility. The best option to use is the anti-bot that will leave you in control of your settings.
  • How is it used? The anti-bot you get should be easy to use. If you have a hard time using it, you might not effectively launch it, which will compromise the level of protection you get.


You have placed different security systems on your website to keep the bots away. But bots are becoming more humanlike, and that makes it challenging for you to dictate them. For that reason, you need to have a system in place that will detect the bots before they get into your system or as soon as they get into it. That is important as it will help in keeping both your business and clients secure. However, you need to take the time to choose the right anti-bot system for your business.

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