Industries Benefiting From Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development

Augmented reality app development is a real breakthrough, that has already affected different areas. Various companies implement AR applications to increase customer engagement and enhance profit. This technology is an excellent tool to increase productivity and optimize workflow. This overview allows to know about major industries that successfully use AR applications and blur digital and real world.

augmented reality app

AR Gaming and entertainment

Augmented reality technology is obviously popular in gaming, as mobile app’s developers’ main goal is to create an immersive experience. AR apps and games are in focus, because they provide new ways of entertainment. Beside famous game Pokemon Go, there is a plenty of others, that allow to find and capture creatures, fight zombies or aliens in the real world. Unlike virtual reality, gaming, it is unnecessary to wear a headset, almost all the apps are available to download for Android and iOS.

Mobile App Development for Real estate

Showing all possible variants of apartments or houses to clients is possible even without leaving an office. Augmented reality on a website of real estate company can help to decide what location is worth visiting. AR developer can also create the app, which offers different views, such as aerial or visuals of a house, which is not built yet. Augmented reality app development company offers various useful tools for realtors. For example, there is Homesnap, that show property lines around a house, or ARHouse, that creates stunning presentations with 3D models of the estate.

Augmented reality app development for Education

Learning is going to become more interactive and involving by means of AR technology. Exploding an object with AR or VR platform makes it easier to comprehend. For example, VR learning center in Pomona, California, allows medical students to study anatomy by getting inside the human body at a microscopic level. This learning experience is much more memorable than the explanations and reading about cells.

AR mobile app development for Manufacturing

AR technology contributes manufacturing a lot. As it requires a lot of instructions every time when a technician manufactures new product, augmented reality can force the process. AR projection can augment work surface with guided step by step. This technique can also be effective to organize work in the warehouses and helps workers to locate and sort items.

Travel and tourism with AR applications

AR mobile app development company can also create useful applications for travelers. In this way, Word Lens app enables to translate a foreign sign just by focusing a camera on it. Also tourists all over the world use Yelp Monocle to explore local cafes and restaurants before visiting it. Another great example is England’s Historic Cities app that provides travelers with a fabulous experience. Famous historical figures become the guides on various sites across the country and everyone tells his own story.

You see that AR is a useful technology for business of all kinds. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – can develop impressive projects to provide better user experience.

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