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Juicero: An expensive juicer with Wi-Fi connectivity

Organic Avenue, a bankrupt food chain company has recently released a juicer called Juicero. Juicero is expensive yet cannot produce juice other than some specific pre-packed produce. The price of the juicer is $699 and it can produce juice out of pre-packaged, pre-chopped, washed produce but not the fruits and leaves you already have in your fridge.

Juicero An expensive juicer with Wi-Fo connectivity

The advertisement shows Juicero as the best alternative to a juicer but is it actually? The packaged produce that the juicer can use costs from $4 to $10 and as the video shows, a single packet can produce one glass of juice which makes the price of juices nearly equal to the over-priced juices that Organic Avenue used to sell.

The packaged produce are washed, chopped, packaged and are delivered to your home. The package is to be placed in the space provided and as you start it, juice will be squeezed out of the packet. The overall cost and effort is much more than purchasing a ready made juice bottle. Hence, experts are skeptical if the juicer can really make it in the market. The juicer has Wi-Fi connectivity although the utility is still unknown.

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