The Linux powered Rubik's Cube solving bot is world's fastest
The Linux powered Rubik's Cube solving bot is world's fastest

The Linux powered Rubik’s Cube solving bot is world’s fastest

Two guys named Jay Flatland and Paul Rose have set world record in Guinness Book of World Record for inventing a robot that is capable of solving Rubik’s cube in 0.9 seconds. This is the shortest time span ever taken to solve a Rubik’s Cube. A randomly scrambled Rubik’s Cube is being placed in the bot machines, and within a blink of eyes, the cube is solved.

The Linux power Rubik s Cube solving bot is world's fastest

The cube is twisted and rotated with the aid of stepper motors. As we know, the center cube is always kept fixed while solving a Rubik’s cube, the center cubes are clamped by 3D printed clampers or feet of the stepper motors. The entire cube rests on a 3D printed frame. The system is equipped with 4 USB webcams that tracks the movement of the cubes, records it and uses it as referenced to determine the subsequent steps. The camera has high precision to capture the extreme rapid movements of the cube.

The webcam images reflecting the instantaneous state of the cube are then fed to a computer application that again feeds the state information as input to the Kosiemba Rubik’s Cube solving algorithm. The Kosiemba algorithm then determines the steps and solves the cube in a miraculous short time, which is less than 1 second. The Adruino processor is responsible for accelerating and retardign the motions of the motor. Check out the video to experience the genius robot.

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