Make the Most of Microlearning for Online Training in These Unexpected Ways


When online learning gets hard to consume and monotonous, bite-sized approach or microlearning is the right way to proceed. While it does not work wonders in every training situation but definitely is an extremely effective approach in corporate and commercial training. So, are you making the most of microlearning for your online training activities? We bet, not! 

In such a case, this blog post will be really helpful to you as we have listed various surprising ways in which you can use microlearning activities for your online training course which will not only increase your learner’s retention but also enhance their skills at the same time. Have a look how! 

Evaluations based on task performance

Invite employees to participate in online simulations which center around work related tasks and immediately provide them feedback on the same. This will give them an idea of where they are going wrong and in what they’re excelling hence shedding light on the key improvement areas and personal strengths respectively. Contrary to the traditional classroom based approach, in this case LMS evaluates employee performance at every step of the process further pointing them in the right direction keeping in mind their performance and personal pursuits. 


This unique marketing tool is a must have in any online training program as it attracts the attention of learners in just a glance. It gives a brief overview of any topic in an easily understandable manner alongside catering to different learning preferences. For instance, you can create company policy infographics which highlight various compliance uses, organisational protocols, and processes. This tool is essential for onboarding as well as new hires can easily focus on one policy, absorb the key takeaways and move on to the next without being bombarded with lot of information all at one time. 

Branching scenarios

Branching scenarios are yet another aspect of interactive learning hence you can implement timed decision making branching scenarios in your online training course and challenge the learners. They are further required to make decisions within a stipulated time period based on the information provided. This helps in gauging their abilities to handle work pressure but make sure to not coerce them that they get irritated. Moreover, there are numerous elearning authoring tools with branching scenarios feature which can assist you in the creation of same. 


Webinars which do not have to be long enough but cover the key aspects of your online training program are to be included. In fact, these are most effective when they are short and focus on a particular sub-topic such as how to deal with a challenging customer to speed up the return process. Such kind of webinar shall consume just 10-15 minutes of your learners’ time and it is expected to create such micro webinars only. In addition, you can also invite employees to host their own mini events as a platform which lets them share their knowledge. 


Serious games which are not difficult to consume entertain the employees and enhance their motivation and engagement. So, make sure to include those games which focus on a particular skill, have a great storyline and engaging characters. As the learners progress with each level, their skills gap is bridged.

Self Assessments

No online training course is complete without self assessments and simulations, branching scenarios and various other tools serve as effective self assessments. It lets the employee’s test their knowledge and skills and provides them a reality check in terms of identifying gaps and seeking out ways to fill those. But, make sure to make them bite-sized as well, as it will motivate the learners themselves to undertake these from time to time. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various benefits of microlearning and numerous ways to implement it in your online training which you might be missing out currently. So, create a holistic online training course which fulfills the requirements of modern learners while keeping them engaged at the same time. Happy creating! 

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