MyMedia – A Great Download Manager App for iPhone

As a uniquely powerful file manager, MyMedia accomplished more than its obligated mandate. Exported files can be manipulated in numerous ways, giving you the best experience in whatever you pursue through it.

With the latest updates, document viewing has never been easier. Regardless of the format, MyMedia will power through html, htm, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and so many others. It easily merges with iTunes to make downloading seamless.

File Management

Besides exploring even the newest writing formats, this app is excellent at extracting RAR and ZIP files. An ‘Open With’ feature conveniently pops up and gives you an opportunity to work with whichever document viewer you please.


The solutions you choose to use in open may be in other compatible apps. By accomplishing this without requiring you to exit, a lot of time and effort is saved. All types of files can be directly downloaded and stored where you please.

File Exporting

iTunes USB flash sharing is supported, making it straightforward to move content even when offline. If you are familiar AirDrop, it works seamlessly with MyMedia to to move your content even more easily.

HTTP File Sharing is one of the most frequently used ways to share what you have through Wi-Fi. You can work with many cloud service providers, but Dropbox clearly stands out.

For official purposes, you can send all through Email.

Audio and Video Player


Can’t have enough of your favorite jams? MyMedia grants you unlimited control over the audio and video playlist. Music and album art info are clearly shown, proving to be worthy statistics for fans.

Video formats which are supported include .mov, .mp4, and .m4v. Controlling your music can either be through the iPod or any other compatible peripheral. Even after locking your screen, music will still play in the background, with the option of adjusting volume.

Shuffling and repeating songs has been made simpler, allowing you the much needed versatility.


Given the many instances where stored files have been tampered with, MyMedia puts in place the toughest security protocols. Using the Passcode lock, the app is keeps all information in it secure from prying eyes.

settings passcode lock

Even with the application on, unauthorized users cannot view downloading files without entering the code. When the app is running in the background, these same protocols remain fully in effect.

Private browsing can also be enabled, allowing you to visit websites without leaving a trace of your presence.

Download Manager

This app sets no limit to the amount of files you can download, choosing instead to give you the widest range of possibilities. Documents, ZIP, RAR, audio or video files, the Documents app can save almost any file type. This iPhonebyte article will show you how to download favorite videos from the web with ease.

You can even download multiple files simultaneously without it lagging behind. If you wish to do other things with your iPhone whilst downloading, go ahead and push it back into the background; everything runs normally. Should anything happen during download, all files will resume once the connection is up and running.

How To Manage Your Downloads

For better organization, this app allows you to create folders and download directly to them. Users can also rename or delete folders which are no longer in use. These folders can be accessed from other applications.

There are special albums where specific items are downloaded to. These are easy to edit and export, a function which happens almost autonomously. You can let your creativity run free as far as creating the album goes.

Features and Requirements

Besides the media outlets availed to you, there are numerous other opportunities to refine your downloaded content. This free app ranks highly in customer satisfaction, having attained an almost perfect review score across the board.

With each update, the developer makes MyMedia more resilient and easy to use. As long as your iDevice is installed with iOS 7 and later, tools will run seamlessly without holding back.

As a business appliance, it goes a long way in revolutionizing how you conduct business. Moving large business files only takes seconds, with accuracy being guaranteed. As you download the app, check to ensure that your source is completely secure.

Final Verdict

If you are versatile in your lifestyle, this app only makes it better. With every use, you will feel more at home and enjoy other functions besides downloading and sharing files and other content.

Are you eager to get started? We haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to in depth use. Feel free to contact us and learn more about MyMedia and other iPhone apps.


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