Nail CompTIA 220-1002 in Your First Attempt with Exam Dumps

Nail CompTIA 220-1002 in Your First Attempt with Exam Dumps

Nail CompTIA 220-1002 in Your First Attempt with Exam Dumps

Do you want to work in a pivotal role in the IT sector and are wondering how it can happen? Then start preparing for the CompTIA A+ credential. Yes, this is what you need to shape your dream and grab an opportunity to work at a high grade. Designed to make you nothing but a proven problem-solver and a doyen of your field, the CompTIA A+ badge can bring that much-needed change in your career graph. Being a vendor-neutral certification, it can make you a master of every trade and offer you bountiful career opportunities. But how can you attain this credential? The next passage is the answer.

Facts about CompTIA A+ You Might Need to Know

Earning this CompTIA badge will lead you nowhere but at the center of every end-to-end technology solution that today’s world needs. Of course, all of this is also followed by a high paying check at the end of the day. We guess this is what we all dream of. But, there is a catch. You can’t get hold of all this just like that. You have to sweat out your palms, burn the midnight oil, and pass two obligatory tests to earn the A+, which are 220-1001 and 220-1002 CompTIA assessments. Yes, you read it right. You have to do two exams and should gain hands-on experience in core concepts as well. Before you start scratching your head and start Google some of the tips to pass the tests, we have come up with a few tried and tested tips to nail your assessments in the first attempt. But, before anything else, we need to reveal the details of the as it’s the main focus of this post.

Quick Overview of 220-1002

CompTIA 220-1002 is the second core test that you need to pass to earn the CompTIA A+ badge. Below, you’ll find all the necessary details of this test that everyone must know:

  • Topics and format 

In this exam, your skills in installing and configuring operating systems expanded security, software troubleshooting and operational procedures will be testified in the most detailed manner. The test contains a maximum of 90 questions that are needed to be completed in 90 minutes in total. Usually, the questions are of MCQ, performance-based, and drag-and-drop patterns. You need to secure a minimum of 700 points out 900 to be called a successful candidate.

  • Prerequisites

Having prior hands-on experience of 9-12 months in the field of networking and software installation & configuration is highly recommended by the vendor.

  • Cost

You need to shell out $226 for this CompTIA assessment visit .

As you can see the topics that 220-1002 covers are vast, and the time that it offered to attempt one question is only 1 minute, so passing this exam in the first attempt can be a tough nut to crack. But, how many of us can afford to spend $226 for retaking the assessment? Well, very few are so privileged. So, you have to learn about some tricks that will make you conquer this CompTIA test in the first try. Here are some of our expert suggestions.

Take Exam Dumps from Exam-labs on Board First

If passing CompTIA 220-1002 in the first attempt without wasting your time and money is in your priority list, then nothing can be as useful as exam dumps from are. Designed with full diligence and accuracy, these dumps have already helped thousands of CompTIA A+ aspirants to live their dreams. If you’re wondering what these braindumps are, they are materials containing real-time questions and their detailed answers. These questions are gathered from the candidates who have already appeared for the CompTIA 220-1002 exam previously and did it well. Exam dumps from are available in free and paid options. While the free version is good enough to testify your knowledge on the subject matter and can be downloaded immediately after you access the provider’s site, the premium paid version goes a step ahead and gives you all kinds of assistance that you can ever demand. For instance, the 220-1002 Premium Bundle is available at a mere cost of $39.97 and offers you an expert-validated braindump containing 188 latest questions & answers, a training course of 97 video lectures, and a detailed study guide of 2287 pages. The only thing that you need to make sure for hassle-free usage of these dumps is downloading the VCE Player as these are the vce files that can only be accessed if you have special software. To sum up, exam dumps are the ideal way to understand the crux of the matter in the shortest period with full diligence.

Take Help of Vendor Itself

CompTIA offers you relevant and updated study materials of all kinds to help you in your 220-1002 exam preparation. Whether you are looking for an e-learning platform or prefer going for instructor-led training, the official vendor offers you everything. Just check their website and find out the best match for your requirements.

Passed the Test. What’s Next?

We are sure that if you have followed our tips with full heart using referred updated exam dumps from, then you must have passed the CompTIA 220-1002 test in the first attempt with a good score. But, this is just the beginning of a promising career. As the CompTIA A+ credential is an entry-level badge, you should upgrade your skills with other CompTIA badges. Don’t worry. will support you in your journey with any certification.

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