New Ways to Generate Leads For Pages on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn – a leading professional network is now rolling out amazing tools to help businesses drive qualified traffic and leads. The tools are also effective in measuring the results from the driven traffic interaction. 

LinkedIn mentioned that they have been gathering feedback from different admins holding a LinkedIn page, to enhance the user experience. They have sensed that admins think LinkedIn pages miss call-to-action buttons that are there as the motivator of traffic and generating leads. The admins actually want to have the option of customized call-to-action buttons to improve the engagement rate with page followers.

Customized Call-to-action Buttons: 

Now, LinkedIn allows you to utilize customized Call-to-action buttons in multiple ways. The options also include: 

  • Visit Website
  • Register here 
  • Sign up 
  • Learn more 
  • Contact us

New interactive and user-friendly analytics dashboards are developed to monitor the results derived from the newly integrated CTA buttons. Admins can fetch themselves stats against all their CTA buttons from the dashboard displayed on page admin’s home and/or from the analytics tab available on top of the visitors’ page. 


LinkedIn tweaks the algorithms to present customized content: 

LinkedIn also disclosed a big alteration in the algorithm which is specially tailored to present customized content to the niche professionals according to their interest. The fundamental principle through which the algorithm presents the content is basically derived from the people you’ve connected yourself with and from your browsing and search history on the platform. If I break down the criteria through which the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes and rank the posts in your newsfeed then it would be something like this: 

  • With whom the user has a direct connection
  • Elements defined in the user’s profile 
  • In accordance with the user’s circle 
  • In accordance with the interests and specifications of a particular user. This mechanism is called “Creator Side Optimization.”

LinkedIn invested greatly in the A/B testing to find the areas requiring optimization. After carrying out a series of tests on around 100 models and obtaining diverse results LinkedIn implemented several focused and targeted optimizations to push customized content to the news feed of all the users. Lynch said in an interview that they have invested big time to make sure their members see what actually interests them. 

For example: If a person belongs to the telecom industry and has a major proportion of links with people working in the same industry then that particular person will be shown posts related to his/her own interests, connections, and industry basis. He/she will be shown jobs from telecom giants like Xfinity, Cox, Mediacom, etc. He/she will be shown what strategy are Spectrum Internet, Xfinity, or other companies are using to expand their business. 

LinkedIn is influencing Niches: 

The growing focus of LinkedIn on niches seems to be a part of their big game of monetization. Through the implementation of new marketing strategies, LinkedIn can leverage the increased focus on niches to push CRM efforts. The new solutions integrated into the LinkedIn algorithm are also helpful with account-based marketing. 

Other Features introduced by LinkedIn: 

Other than modifications in the algorithm, CTA buttons, and efficient analytics, LinkedIn also brought several other features to the pages. 

Associate LinkedIn pages with trending Hashtags:

Now LinkedIn provides the opportunity to link the pages with the trending Hashtags by utilizing the community feature available in the admin center. This feature lets you connect with the Platform’s members through the latest trending hashtags. 

Editing from Mobile: 

Earlier, page admins weren’t able to edit the page details and other published content through mobile phones. But the growing use of mobile phones for searches and internet digging, LinkedIn realized their lacking. They thought of it to be high time to make the operations easier from mobile phones. Keeping in view all the limitations that made use of LinkedIn on phones difficult, they chose to solve the most major one. Now page admins can change, alter or amend their mistakes from mobile phones rather than getting on a desktop or laptop. 

LinkedIn is constantly improving its interactivity by modifying its algorithms. These new features have greatly helped in improving the user experience. 

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