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Nintendo to quit Wii U production by the end of this year

Nintendo is going to quit support for its gaming consoles Wii U owing to the poor sales. The news has come from Japanese newspaper Nikkei which has provided authentic news about Nintendo in the past. The sales have been falling at a steep slope, which Nintendo thinks, are not going to improve any how.

Nintendo to quit Wii U production by the end of this year

The production will be stopped by the end of this year and according to reports, Nintendo is shifting its focus on NX system. NX system is still a big conundrum as hardly any details have been furnished. But rumors say that it’s going to be a console/mobile hybrid that will deploy top notch technology. It has been reported that the new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U may release for the NX. The exact launch of NX system is not yet known.

Wii U has come up in the market in November 2012 as a successor of Wii. Wii was a magnum hit and coping up with the popularity and sale of it became the biggest challenge for Wii U. By 31st December 2012, the console sold 12.6 million units around the world. The pressure of carrying forward the good will of its predecessor and at the same time matching the qualities of its current competitors became impossible since Wii U did not have much to offer. The hardware was lagging and retarding gradually in the competition. Hence the company took the decision to stop the declining business of Wii U and focus on a new endeavour.

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