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Everywhere around the world, from the USA to China, the on-demand economy has become a significant trend. Customers are no longer satisfied with wholesalers, huge malls, and quaint boutiques. They require a more personalized and interactive experience from shopping, and marketplaces have become the one stop for everyone selling, buying, lending, and dropshipping. If you want to catch up to the market and exploit this trend, it’s time to build your marketplace.

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But first, let’s quickly cover the advantages a marketplace offers to e-commerce websites’ owners. Unlike managing your own store, with the marketplace, you don’t have to source merchandise, search for a trustworthy wholesale seller, store the products or oversee the resale process. You don’t have to worry about shipping the items, returns, complaints and customer support as a whole. When you are ready to trade in your small online shop for a selling machine, there is a better alternative.

If you want to create your own personalized online marketplace platform, do it with a turnkey solution from ecommerce software development professionals with years of experience at There are dozens of sites and IT startups offering “the best marketplace builder online”, but none of them is as versatile and affordable, as OMS.

oms rade made

Best Marketplace Platform Online Ever

There are many reasons why OMS is one of the top software solutions for website owners:


  • With OMS, you can conquer any niche, from clothing to marketing and development services. Company of any industry can profit from building a marketplace.
  • OMS is suitable for B2B, B2C, and peer-to-peer business models. You can help suppliers and distributors find each other or reach paying customers.
  • Working with OMS is as easy, as with any other popular CMS, like Magento or WordPress. You will have full control of the hosting, the website, and its numerous features.
  • With out-of-box OMS solution, launching multi-vendor online marketplace platforms takes little to no time, while any script, plugin, module or extension can customize the site to your liking.
  • You don’t have to pay for a unique design of your marketplace, with a custom theme, it will turn a blank white page into a vibrant website able to jumpstart your business and attract both partners and customers.
  • When you decide to open a marketplace with Online Marketplace Software, you will have a full array of necessary tools, like the dashboard, cart, multi-language interface, etc. You won’t have to search for a single little thing, like a sale label.

oms rade made

As you see, OMS is not just another fancy SAAS, but a solid foundation for your business growth. It allows you to create an online marketplace at the drop of a hat, whatever product or service you are going to offer and sell. It might just be the best marketplace platform for startups and established companies alike. If you want to learn more about how Online Marketplace Software by Rademade can help you achieve your business goals, reach out for a free expert consult.


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